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  1. Hello Everyone,


    Does anyone know of a Thai Covid Insurance that will cover Foreigners living in Thailand?

    I am on a Non-O Marriage Visa that requires me to leave the country every 90 days. Therefore I am never here for consegutive 6 months.

    And it seems that most of the Insurances that I am looking at do require me to have a work permit or that I have stayed here 6+months consecutively (Frank, Rabbit, Banks).


    FYI: I do NOT have a work permit. And I do NOT have a global health insurance that covers Covid. I Do have the Yellow book and Thai Pink ID-Card.



  2. Hello Everyone,


    I am a 41 year old and I have recently moved my address to Thailand and I am therefore not covered in my home country (Iceland) any more. If i plan to move back to Iceland then I will be put on a 6 month wait before I get access to the system again.


    So, I have been trying to figure out what is the best insurance to get. And I must say... What a Jungle!!!


    I think I will be needing a International (Global) Plan. The main reason for that, is because I am still working in Europe as a sesonal worker.

    1. I plan to stay in Thailand around 4-6 months per year. My address is registered in Thailand.

    2. I will be working in Norway (3-4 months per year) and in Iceland (3-4 months per year).


    Right now I am trying to find a good Insurance provider, and I hope you guys can give me some links so that I can start comparing...

    Right now I am not looking for any Brokers!


    Please Help, I am arriving in Thailand January 3rd... I am getting nervous...

  3. Hello Everyone,


    A few years ago I got diagnosed with Low T. and therefore I need to get regular treatments (Nebido 1000mg/4ml) shot every 3 months).

    I remember I paid almost 10.000 THB ☹️ for the Nebido shot at Pattaya International Hospital a few years ago when I got diagnosed.


    Since then I have been getting the Nebido from my own healthcare system in Iceland. And for that, I have only been paying around 800 THB 🙂 because it gets subsidized by the government.


    Things have changed and I have now moved my address to Thailand and I am no longer in the Icelandic health care system. And if I want to buy the Nebido in Iceland as uninsured then the full price at the pharmacy is 5.200 THB 😐



    1. I am wondering what is the actual price for the Nebido 1000mg/4ml in a normal Pharmacy or Dr. Clinic in Thailand (Not Hospital)? 

    2. And would it be cheaper for Thai Citizens?

    3. Would it be possible to get Thai citizen to buy this for me as this medicine is quite specialized?



    Thanks in Advance




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