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  1. The position is not suspicious I think. My guess would be he rigged the cable first, then drank a LOT of booze. 1+ bottle in short time with the noose already fastened. Loose consciousness and game over. I saw a new "rumour" that he had just been diagnosed with uncurable lung cancer and decided to check out. But I would still apreciate the police to do a thorough investigation.
  2. RIP. But if it was the case that he had just gotten a bad cancer diagnosis and wanted to check out, it is normal to leave behind something written for those who find him, yes? There should be some communication and papers regarding the diagnosis. And checking out before even starting treatment sounds strange to me. Or getting a second opinion in Norway. The position he is hanging from doesnt seem strange at all. He could have drunk himself into a stupor after rigging the calbe, and then gone through with it. From what I understand his house is 200 meters from where I live here in Hua Hin. Sad to see this kind of thing. Anyone reading this and feeling depressed, I recommend finding someone to talk to.
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