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  1. It is incredible that they keep on expanding and building like they do. All the while the trend is downward in terms of foreign tourists and the realestate market is turning into a bog. Once the SHTF in China and they start pulling the chinese money out of Thailand... But on the bright side...they sure are shining optimists
  2. Aha! So this was the pretty lady that came down the stairs in Bluport with a gaggle of photographers behind her I just couldnt help my self and snickered a bit at the sight when I walked past them. She was pretty but so are a gazillion other thai ladies. Thin, tall and in crazy stiletto heels.
  3. The US blow-out will come when OPEC and/or Saudi-Arabia opens oil sales in other currencies than the US dollar. The entire tariff-charade is a joke. It is, like others have said, not China that pays this tariff, but the end-user. The consumer is the one who foots the bill. If the price increases so much its no longer competitive and the sales drop, sure THAT does hurt chinese exports. But 25%? I doubt that makes much of a bump. And remember, Thailand was in US crosshairs not so long ago over currency manipulation. Any country that carries a large trade surplus against the US will be in the crosshairs. The big factor here is the psychology I think. This war of words, if it escalates, will crush the overinflated stockmarkets and might send the global economy in the shitter for a long time. But the one that will be the most hurt, in my opinion, is the USA. So for me, this is Trump putting a bullet in the head of the american eagle.
  4. It is unfortunate that our (I'm Norwegian) young ladies are so naive about the world outside Scandinavia. Many believe that they can handle themselves and are "on par" with men if it comes to physical confrontations. Which is not true. So, ladies, please dont go alone. And dont get stupid drunk or high. Take care of yourself. It's a crazy world out here. Hope they catch the scumbag and crucify him.
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