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  1. Hi there, After some good advice here I'm moving to Phuket but transport is a problem there. I don't imagine travelling much as a bit of a retiree so to get around the problem I was thinking of getting an "Old Banger" that might do me for the next 12 months or so so I can get an idea of all about. I appreciate any suggestions on where to look or go to find one. I'm not talking many 10s of ks just something to get me around occasionally. Thank you one and all Your help and advice is really appreciated.
  2. Its simple really. If you want to live in Thailand obey their rules, as frustrating as they may be at times. It's their country their heritage, their culture, their way of life not a Johnny come lately foreigners, we must think it beautiful otherwise we wouldn't be here; if not go! Simple really!
  3. What's the problem; its their country; most of them have been contributing all their lifes paying taxes and homage, whether married or not we are not natural citizens and haven't devoted our lives to the country so where's the problem.
  4. re 1 I wouldn't take that for granted at all. I moved in to my new large BKK condo building on 19/03 despite many verbals requests, 3 meetings and finally threatening emails I got the information required for the tm 30. The Owner and agent denied any responsibility to lodge. Finally got the info on 13/04 and lodged at CW the next day and got hit with a fine but they gave me some good info there; register and lodge online yourself, so I suggest to cover your rear you do that.
  5. I read on here a lot of criticism of Thai Immigration Officers undertaking their roles they have been trained and expected to perform. Let me share an experience. Recently I left for a few days, and on departing presented my Passport to Immigration Control. The Officer had a usual and to be expected serious look, he reviewed my Passport, stamped it, then broadly smiled and said..."Happy Birthday, I hope you have a good day!" It was my Birthday the next day. As an Older member here it was much appreciated and showed the wonderful hearts and kind nature he, in representing Thailand, and the Thai people have. So please some of the comments here seem to be not representative
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