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  1. It is their country, Thailand makes the rules as they see fit. We can either live within their rules, try to adapt or leave if we either can't or won't live with them. Now that I am 61 it cost around 150,00 baht per year for decent in and out patient coverage in Thailand and I can see that steadily rising as I get older. Travel insurance is much cheaper. So between this and the ever rising Baht I am only staying in Thailand 6 months a year on a METV and 6 months back in the home country. Gave up my retirement visa a few years back. For my girlfriend it is another matter. Luckily I don't own a car anymore and never bought a home or condo. Personally I always thought the various visa rules were a bit xenophobic and not well thought out from either a humane or Thai economic point of view. My heart really goes out to those older guys with homes, wives and family, as I sense that more changes are coming.
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