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  1. was a great movie. even if it did have the overtones of the bad colonizers it still had a good story and great animation. just hope Hollywood does not ruin it like they did with star wars and oceans 11.
  2. please just rent for a year first, or maybe 5 years. I got sick of Thailand after 6 years but was stuck for several years selling my 2 houses. that's how long it took just to find another sucker to buy my houses to get my money back.
  3. amazing how distracted americans are by the political theater. the country is a hell of a mess. it does not matter if it is dems or republicans in power. nothing is changing.
  4. get an agent to sort it out. if you are in pattaya I can recommend a great girl who ran everything for me for 8 years. best to get it sorted. I had the wrong address in my work permit and it cost me 80k in 'fees' I even went through the courts and paid the official 8500thb official fine. I gave up doing it myself after that.
  5. what happens to the 5000 elephants in captivity once people no longer ride them? who will pay to feed them?
  6. many thais seem to have a belief that westerners stink. before moving to pattaya to sell her wares my girl said that it was the main thing that was putting her off getting into the game.
  7. she would say what ever she thinks will get votes. trump will say what ever triggers liberals. he is putting on a hell of a show. not going to be a very interesting election if the dems cant find a decent person to run. they need a decent middle of the road candidate but they all seem to be all, ban everything, tax everything and open the boarder while your at it.
  8. wonder why the mossies don't set up shira law patrols to stop their men miss behaving like they have in cities around Europe.
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