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  1. Just wait until TAT comes up with a new article after this announcement saying tourism hit new record numbers!
  2. They forgot to mention that thais are probably the #1 in the world who also owe money from each other. In case things really go bad, we might actually see a civil war cookin..
  3. Just like Obamacare, let’s first figure out the name of the company so that we at least can invest before shares prices go up!
  4. You don’t know why you hate Russia or Putin, it’s only because you have been brainwashed by liberal media. Grow up!
  5. You mean Hillary Clinton who voted for the Iraq war? Donald trump did the right thing to pull out, there’s no mission in Syria. Kurds been fighting each other and the Turks for decades. If you think 50 soldiers would have done anything, then think again.
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