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  1. Anybody know when the parks in Chinag Mai will open? I thought they were supposed to open on 12 May. I like to run on the trails at Huay Kaew Park and they are STILL closed as of today 24 May. Anybody know what the story is?
  2. So Hauy Kaew park is STILL CLOSED AS OF TODAY 24 May. What is going on anyway !@#$%^?????? Does anyone know when it is going to be open again?
  3. I know! Me too This has really been sort of a nightmare. Totally out of shape now as a result not only of the lockdown but the horrible pollution we've had from the forest fires here in Chiang Mai making it dangerous to even go out and ride my bike or run. What a <deleted> nightmare this year has been so far as far as trying to have a healthy lifestyle. I truly hope the worst is behind us and we can finally return to NORMAL, not the so-called "new" normal that all these no-nothing pundits keep talking about. I mean, enough is enough already! I'm not downplaying the significance of COVID-19 for many people at-risk, but for the majority of the population, the lockdown will have far more negative repurcussions than the virus itself when the dust finally settle (my opinion).
  4. Agree. I think this whole lockdown thing all over the world is huge overkill! Statistics are now coming out that all the death projections from computer modeling that got all worldwide government officials in a tizzy over this were vastly over estimated, and it's starting to come out that actual deaths caused by Covid-19 are far less than anticipated, and that many deaths actually caused by comorbidities are being attributed to Covid-19. I think the genuine crisis is yet to come, and that is what this global lockdown is going to do to the economy in the coming months...especially if things don't start opening up real quick. But who really knows? it seems that nobody (all the scientists and politicians) has a real handle on what the real story is "yet". Talk to a dozen people and you'll get a dozen different answers!
  5. FYI...My gym in Chiang Mai (Golds Hillside) is now open :). I just spoke with them on phone.
  6. I know they are open in Bangkok now but still are closed here in Chiang Mai. Does anyone have some reliable information? Sorry if this has already been discussed but it’s almost impossible for me to navigate ThaiVisa lately due to how slow pages are loading on my iPhone, so I’d appreciate some feedback. Thanks
  7. I thought all parks were supposed to be re-opened this week but the Arboretum (over by the Zoo) is still locked down. Does anybody know why or when they will allow use of the running trail again? Also, does anyone have any idea when outdoor gyms (Go Gym) and condo swimming pools will open up? I've been googling and can't find any info in English. I'd appreciate any factual information
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