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  1. Sorry, somehow an edit to a paragraph in my previous post did not get saved properly. As published it is misleading. Thaivisa forums was acting very quirky this afternoon. This unedited paragraph as published: The human body is a pretty complex machine when it comes to survival strategies. When you eat more protein than the body requires, it will not simply pee out the excessive protein, but rather convert it to stored energy in the form of fat for future energy needs. Gluconeogenesis is the mechanism." The edited version: The human body is a pretty compl
  2. Actually, gluconeogenesis can be activated not only by depletion of glycogen stores in the body, but also by excessive amounts of protein in the diet. The human body is a pretty complex machine when it comes to survival strategies. When you eat more protein than the body requires, it will not simply pee out the excessive protein, but rather convert it to stored energy in the form of fat for future energy needs. Gluconeogenesis is the mechanism. It’s pretty fascinating when you view the physiology behind it all. Two of the most prominent researchers of all of this wer
  3. I think you are incorrectly stating what gluconeogenesis is all about. The body is not using insulin to "get rid" of the protein. Insulin does not respond to dietary proteins, only carbohydrates. Insulin is produced through gluconeogenesis as a result of creating new glucose, which in turns elicits the insulin response. The body doesn't care where the glucose came from; if it is excessive, then a detrimental level of insulin can be the result. In the presence of excessive insulin levels, stored fat can not be accessed, so if weight loss is a goal, excessive amounts of protein are detrime
  4. This study he refers to is called "Effect of a plant-based, low-fat diet versus an animal-based, ketogenic diet on ad libitum energy intake" which was published in Nature back in January. It is basically an examination of plant-based diets vs Keto; and which is better for weight loss. He (and the study) acknowledge that BOTH are better for weight loss than the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is composed primarily of highly processed foods, which of course is true. Keto is really based on the Carbohydrate - Insulin Model which basically debunks the long standing conventional
  5. Their website still lists them as Elite Smile and at the same address, and the most recent review for them on Google Maps was 3 months ago so if they did move it must have occured since then. Of course, anything is possible now due to Covid-19.
  6. I heard good things about them too. I think it would have been my second choice if I hadn't decided on Elite Smile.
  7. LOL...That's what I meant by "troll like". I've never seen that to such a degree as on TVF. IMO, there are a lot of bored and unhappy people on TVF if they derive pleasure from derailing a thread with such nonsense...but there DOES seem to be an effort lately by moderators to police this sort of behavior, thankfully!
  8. Well there's some truth to what you say but you can usually spot a phony review on Google Maps (IMO) just by the wording of the review. More importantly though, it's a good starting point to quickly rule out a clinic with no reviews at all, and focus on the ones with reviews from English speaking people. Google actually does police the reviews too. So, with dentists for instance, you can quickly come up with an A-list of perhaps 5 or 10 dentists (by the specific dentist's name) to follow up with, on ThaiVisa for instance. The trouble with starting a search on ThaiVis
  9. Dr. Joy is a wonderful dentist. She is honest and gives you unbiased options. The clinic as a whole has an excellent reputation with foreigners as evidenced by the Google Maps listing ratings from people who have used them. (https://goo.gl/maps/fQRtCvE3JbeKi7F57) Google Maps is an excellent way to quickly and reliably get an A-list of good vendors for just about everything here in Thailand that's of interest to a foreigner. That's how I found Elite Smile, and in particular Dr. Joy.
  10. My advice would simply be to do a Google Maps search for the term "dentures" (also "dental labs" in Chiang Mai to: Identify dentists or labs who use the keyword "dentures" in their listing and thus do a lot of that kind of work. To see how many positive reviews they have. Google Maps is an excellent source of pretty trustworthy reviews! Doing a regular web search is usually a waste of time since it's cluttered with sponsored ads, listings of no interest to you, and listings from everywhere, not just Chiang Mai. Then just start calling the ones who sound promising
  11. When I lived in Chiang Mai last year I used Dr. Joy at Elite Smile Dental Clinic (next to Pantip Plaza). Their website is http://www.elitesmiledentalclinic.com/ For me, they replaced a porcelain veneer that got cracked and did a perfect job of it. They provide full dental services, are very good dentists. They are friendly and completely fluent in English. Prices are fair; not the lowest I suppose, but when it comes to dental care, the lowest price is not always the best option. Personally, I'd recommend them highly.
  12. Facebook (as well as other platforms like Twitter) have been acting in the most outrageous way lately when it comes to arbitrarily blocking links to sites or posts on their platforms that they oppose simply because the views expressed are in opposition to those who run the platforms. What gives them the right to be the arbiter of free speech? They say they are a "neutral" tech platform, but when take such actions purely because they oppose the views being expressed, they are acting as a media company, not a "neutral" public forum platform, and should be held to the same standards
  13. I totally agree that the potential long term effects of the vaccines are largely unknown and that is a huge concern for everyone, but that's the case with all vaccines throughout history; there's just no way to know until time passes. It's true that until now, vaccines have taken years, not months to develop and test for efficacy and safety, but the Covid vaccines were a remarkable achievement that took advantage of cutting technology and billions of dollars in development costs. I think that transparency of the makers has been excellent with the possible exception of
  14. My sentiments are the same as yours when it comes to the futility of mass lockdowns. This strategy has been pretty much proven to be totally ineffective and at the same time devastating for a country's economy. Thailand's "Seal and Bubble" makes MUCH MORE sense and seems to work well. Other countries such as the US could learn a thing or two from the Kingdom IMO. As for vaccines ... the fact is, vaccines offer the only viable way to ultimately stop the spread of the virus because even if they only have a 50.4% effectiveness, that will lead to herd immunity. Further, just like t
  15. I hear that . I always found it remarkable that in an office that's devoted to dealing with foreigners, so few of the Imm officers can only speak Thai. I mean, English is sort of considered a universal language all around the world (i.e.: even people from non-English countries often speak English as a second language). But, as is often expressed to me by many Thai People..."This is Thailand, we do things a little differently here". I've heard that phrase so many time!
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