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  1. First of all I did not say they were excluded; I said they were not included. There is a difference in those two phrases. I said that they were not included until the supply chain was established enough so that all Americans were assured of getting vaccinated. To be very clear, we were talking about undocumented people who ILLEGALLY flooded across our southern border recently, overwhelming the ability of border officials to screen them for Covid. A big reason they are getting vaccinated is because they present a clear and present danger to the population
  2. Once again, this statement was NOT made during the initial vaccine rollout; it was made only later once it was assured that a strong supply chain existed that would serve the needs of all American citizens. This is just another apples to oranges comparison with the present state of affairs in Thailand RIGHT NOW.
  3. It's pretty obvious that both you and @Surelynot do not follow current events in the US very closely or you wouldn't ask for proof of something that did not even occur. How does one provide proof that something did NOT happen anyway? The burden therefore is on you to prove it did happen.
  4. Yeah, I get it. I see your point...and an added bonus, your kitty will love it
  5. Just how do I prove undocumented foreigners were not vaccinated in the early rollout phases when it did not happen! The burden is on you to disprove what I say. More simply, anyone who follows current events know for a fact it did not happen or there would have been outrage by Americans reported in the press at a time when nobody was sure if there would be sufficient vaccines for them. Come back down to Earth and join the real world, please!
  6. That is the policy NOW that the US has the strongest supply chain for vaccines in the world. It was NOT the policy in the initial phases of the roll out when it was not assured that enough vaccines would become available for all American citizens. Your "apples to oranges" argument is invalid.
  7. Comparing the situation in the US right now with the situation in Thailand right now is like comparing apples to oranges! It is only fair to compare the early stages of the vaccine rollout in the US with the situation right now in Thailand...and in the early stages of the US vaccination rollout, no undocumented foreigners were vaccinated! That only happened in later phases of the rollout. While the US presently has the strongest supply chain for vaccines in the world, it wasn't like that at all in the early phases of the vaccine rollout! It is historical fact that the
  8. Well that is the BIG question, isn't it? Nobody questions the fact that the government really blew it when they procrastinated in the approval process of many of the vaccine brands. Why they did this makes no sense at all when many nations had completed this process as far back as December 2020, while Thailand is still in the process even today! "WHEN" there will be a sufficient supply of vaccine for all really depends on what the government does moving forward from now. Hopefully they will get some enertia going in approving the remaining vaccine brands and then vigorously nego
  9. No I don't have details and I don't deny that a major issue with the Thai government is lack of details about their roll out strategy, BUT that criticism is a far cry from racism. You may think that the Ministry of Health is run by racists who have no knowledge of how to manage a pandemic but I think they are expert epidemiologists who are dealing with a shortage of vaccines and having to make decisions based on what is best for the population as a whole, and also recognizing that their primary responsibility is to their own citizens. There is absolutely nothing racist
  10. Well, the policy is NOT "All Thais first" It is "All Thai high risk groups first". There's a big difference, ya know? Think about it. For sure, the Thai government needs to be more transparent about WHEN foreigners can expect to be vaccinated, but too many who claim racism are assuming that all Thais will be vaccinated before any foreigners will be vaccinated. That just unfounded misinformation. Thai officials have NEVER said or inferred that, and there is no logical reason why they would. From a purely epidemiological perspective it would be insane t
  11. This is how I see it: There is not enough vaccine presently in the supply chain to vaccinate both Thai nationals and foreigners in the high risk groups. So, the policy of a sovereign nation is to first address the needs of its' own citizens, and then once supplies allow for vaccinating foreigners, they be next in line. To me, there is nothing racist about such a policy, and I'm pretty sure that the Ministry of Health recognizes the urgency to the entire population that ALL high risk groups (regardless of nationality) be vaccinated as quickly as possible. When demand
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