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  1. I was born 1986 to one German and one Thai parent and claimed my Thai nationality just last year.


    First thing we did was to register my birth at the consulate. The consulate then issued a Thai birth certificate which I took to a local Amphue here in Thailand. I was added to a house register of a relative, received my 13 digit personal ID number & my Thai ID, everything within 3 hours and no troubles.


    As soon as you have the Thai birth certificate for your daughters, everything else should be no problem.

  2. On 12/26/2018 at 11:04 PM, Arkady said:

    Germany is not exactly liberal in this respect. I was born there to non-German parents in the days when most countries gave citizenship to all born there. But not Germany. Germans applying for another nationality need to obtain approval from the German Foreign Ministry to keep their German nationality before they apply or it will be revoked, if they are found out. They need to have a good reason, e.g. need to own land or company, and need to prove they retain lasting ties with Germany. I am not sure what the rules are for half Germans. I know a German with a Singaporean wife and half half children who have managed to conceal their German nationalities from Singapore and vice versa but it sounds like a walking a tight rope, as they might lose either or both one day.

    If you are born to one Thai parent and one German parent you have both citizenships. Germany does allow in this case without getting the approval (Beibehaltungsgenehmigung) from the German Foreign Ministry. As long as you don't actively apply, you don't need the approval.


    In case of a half-child, you just register the birth at the Thai consulate in Germany where you obtain a certificate of birth which states the child's nationality as Thai, this is perfectly fine without causing any issues because it was not applied for but merely registered.


    Concealing a second nationality (in this case) is 'just' an administrative offence in German law and can be fined but will not cause any serious trouble.



  3. On 4/18/2018 at 6:47 PM, JepSoDii said:

    How about Manila? Anyone know how strict they are?

    Just my experience from Manila from October 2018.


    We have got a TR visa but the girl handling the applications (Filipina) asked a lot of questions, even things like why we have so many hotel bookings (travelling from Bangkok to Chanthaburi with several stays in different cities, proof of money, car rental, outbound ticket all available). Passports were ready for pick-up at the third day after handing them in and it was just our first TR in years. 


    I wouldn't go there if I already have a TR visa in passport. Overall rather unpleasant and not advisable if it can be avoided.

  4. I have a similar issue, my extension is until December and I resigned during vacation overseas. The company cancelled my WP but I never went to immigration with a cancellation letter since I was not in Thailand. Can I just change my passport and enter Thailand again without any problems? Or is it likely there will be an issue when entering (I am not sure if and how any visa/extension information are linked in their system)?



    PS: Sorry I am using your topic for my question but it seemed very fitting because I am in a similar situation.

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