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  1. If she is British , why should Britain be allowed to export their problem citizens and abdicate its responsibilities.
  2. Bangladeshi law is irrelevant. It is the UK who can only remove her citizenship. This would have to be done under UK law.
  3. In interviews she talks about returning to country of birth, presumed to be Uk
  4. Where is the info about her not being born in the UK
  5. In the context of the post responded to, was the womans citizenship could be revoked due to the possibility of eligibility for Bangladeshi citizenship even though she does not posses such. The provisions in UK law only allow for this in the circumstances were the British citizenship is by naturalisation. It would appear that the woman does not posses dual nationality and British by Birth, thus citizenship revocation is not possible. The UK is likely to issue a TEO
  6. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1981/61/section/40 see section (4A) It was for this reason why TEO were introduced
  7. Eligibility to another citizenship only applies to naturalised British citizens.
  8. Assuming the mother is fully British, (not by descent) , the child is British. Nationality act
  9. Assuming she is fully British and without dual nationality, the immigration act gives her the right of abode. The Nationality Act limits the Home Secretary powers to remove citizenship where to do so would render the person stateless. On a Humans right issue, whilst she may be guilty of crimes , her child is certainly not.
  10. The wording is clear. 2 months before application , and maintained for 3 months after extension granted. The interpretation that it only applies for first time application would make the clause requiring the need to keep 400k throughout the year irrational as it is written.
  11. I believe it was a scam. The last time I passed through Poipet there was a guy near the Cambodian immigration entry requesting to see passports and insisting that the Cambodian VOA had to be used same day issued and I would encounter an overstay issue. My visa was 2 days old , having remained in the casino area. I ignored him and proceeded through the Cambodian immigration with no problems.
  12. I suspect the embassy letter being requested is not the income affidavit. More likely a letter stating your residence in Thailand
  13. The definition of a tourist is a person who travels from his normal residence to another place for a temporary period for a purpose not to work or earn income.
  14. Will immigration collect your departure card at point of stamping out before reaching the re-entry desk
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