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  1. It was the UK who requested the backstop included the rest of the UK as opposed to NI only
  2. In relation to the UK state pension i do not undetstand
  3. It is for the reason the Uk say it will not impose tariffs and still seeking FTA that make me believe the UK will reach a deal with the EU. If the UK does not impose tariffs then it renders a FTA irrelevant as it would put countries who conclude a FTA with the UK at a disadvantage to those who do not have a FTA. Reason why Canada is holding off concluding the roll over agreement. Imo Boris Johnson fallback is to revert back to the original plan of the backstop only including NI and excluding the rest of UK.
  4. Cameron did not have the authority to make it binding. Statements by MPs do not automatically become law
  5. See Hansard D Liddington response to the amendment put forward by A Salmond
  6. Taking in consideration that it was Parliaments decision to enact the referendum result. It is left to Parliament to decide how to proceed next. Whether that be leaving with a deal , no deal or another referendum
  7. The leaflet was sent outside the official campaign period . Thus not included in the 7m budget requirements
  8. Explain The referendum was advisory in law Politically is a different matter
  9. Parliament at the time of passing the Referendum stated it was advisory only
  10. Thd road protection acft makes no such exclusion The basic compensation a.monts require no evidence of guilt
  11. The office council of state has a slightly different english translation They imply if more than 2 persons present in vehicle the controller is responsible for damage
  12. In Thailand it is not unlawfull to drive without a licence if the conditions set out in section 57 of the motor vehicle act is adhered to. In such circumstances would the mandatory insurance become invalid ?
  13. If as claimed by the government it is out of date which in case of Gibralta it is . Why does the government not publish the latest analysis. If it is correct and preparations have been accelerated and the issues taken care off. Then publishing the analysis would remove any doubt from the EU and possibly encourage the EU to re negotiate.
  14. Nothing is really fixed untill you reach actual pension age set at the time. Parliament can change the pension age if it wishes . You would hope if such a scenerio arises they would include a suitable transitional phase to limit impact on those approaching retirement age
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