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  1. I presume for health insurance , they want to check the policy is still in force and not cancelled after issue of certificate.
  2. CNN did not show a video of the arrest. The arrest was transmitted in real time , as it happened. Later the police authority responsible for the arrest released the crew and apologised.
  3. Ok Thinking outside the normal process .is it possible to do it remotely in real time. Via video link with qualified person in Australia, make the declaration and sign in Thailand then fax your signed declaration to witness for them to sign and fax back.
  4. I am not familiar with Australian law, but from my limited knowledge ( if any ), is it not the case that each jurisdiction in Australia have their own seperate requirements of who can sign.
  5. As a general principle a Notary can witness a Statuary Declaration. However the more important consideration is the intended receiver of the declaration. Will the receiver accept such signators if they are unable to verify the witness. Have you considered using the Australian Embassy. Although probably more expensive and if the document is within their remit , it is unlikely to be rejected by the recipient.
  6. The following article gives a good explanation Note in Q & A The COPE figure in pension estimates are for information purposes only and have already been included in the calculations. https://www.royallondon.com/media/good-with-your-money-guides/the-new-state-pension-your-questions-answered/
  7. Apologies But if I understand correctly as of Apr 2016 your pension starting point would have been greater using the old scheme as opposed to the New Single Tier. I take this from the protected pension. If under the old scheme your starting pension greater than the new full flat rate any subsequent years from 2016 would not have improved the pension payment. Your pension appears to have been calculated using the old scheme , and with regards the contracting out part it was not unusual to calculate the pension as though Serps still being paid and then deduct the amount promised to be paid by private provider for the years contracted out. If you look at the figures provided that was around £4
  8. The 35 years is only a minimum number of contributions to reach the maximum pension. If due to contracting out it takes longer these are included. The COPE is only used to find the pension value at date April 2016. Any contributions after this date are used to improve the pension value.
  9. Everybody else has accepted their wrongdoing. The politics of Cummings saga is shoddy. A desperate government that cannot function without Dominic. What a State of affairs for the UK.
  10. And this is the reason he should resign or be fired. Dominic has no respect for the truth , integrity or respect for the public. He went on national TV to clear the air, set oùt his explanation of the events that occurred during the trip to Durham. There was no reason for Dominic to mention his blog writing , yet he chose to introduce it. What is more inexplicable is that it was a blatant lie. He his treating everybody with contempt.
  11. I agree . However we have senior ministers desperate to appear and absolve him when they was not aware of the facts . They just followed No10 instructions. Also we had NO 10 briefing on March 30 that Dominic Cummings was self isolating at Home. We had a written statement from No 10 that his wife had suspected covid infection . When in fact Mary Wakefield had no symptoms of Covid.
  12. If he has COPE he would need more than 35 years. It is possible that his State pension prior to 2016 included additional State pension . The calculation of higher rate from old scheme to new is only to determine the foundation amount and would include the COPE in that assessment. Once that assessment determines which scheme is the more beneficial ( the foundation amount ) then any qualifying subsequent years NI from 2016 would improve the pension up to the full amount. This is why some people require more than 35 years qualifying contributions to get the new pension full amount. Given what he has stated he will get the full amount. The COPE will not be deducted, it is only used to determine the foundation amount . See schedule 1 of the pensions act.
  13. Surely he has a case to answer for the trip to Bernard Castle. It looks like he is in breach of section 6 of the public health act. Being outside his place or living without reasonable excuse. What really is astonishing is that we have a senior ministers who in desperation to absolve Dominic admit on LBC that they have driven 60 miles to test their eyes.
  14. Apologies . I meant to remove my comment as it was not really informative. Did not realise it was still present
  15. This is not accurate. The person who asked the question will receive the pension transition value ( he is unable to contribute 35 years post commencement NIs) This is calculated in 3 steps A comparison of the old stage pension against the new State pension as of 2016 and taking the higher amount as Foundation level. Re evaluating the amounts to 2016 levels And then adding any post 2016 contributions pro rato to this amount up to the maximum allowed.
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