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  1. Pertinent questions asked in a polite and non-confrontational manner. On a Thaivisa Brexit thread. This chap won't last....
  2. Generally satisfied, yes. But I do think their handling of Brexit has been... Has been... What's the word? Oh yes, 'Sh!te'. Being the age I am, I only have real experience of Blair's New Labour, so Jezza is a refreshing change from that.
  3. Fine by me, considering the snollygosters we have in Westminster...
  4. I think that in all likelihood, a general election would simply produce a hung parliament of the same tossers we have now. So back to square one we would go...
  5. Never lose sight of the fact that this creature is a backbench MP with no responsibility to either deliver on what he says or carry the can at a later date. It's easy to be 'right' under such circumstances, not that he is.
  6. Tough. Take it up with the people who brought you the referendum and who now can't agree among themselves what the result meant. By all means punish them at the local elections but you won't.
  7. But in your own words "so we have listened to these traitors claiming the people didn't know what they voted for." You can't just get away with dismissing your misrepresentation of what they actually said. Because they didn't. That said, I agree that they should not hang on to their seats without a by-election. 
  8. He has paid for what he did. Such a shame, considering he was a formidable political talent and a brilliant orator. Watching him take the FOX talking heads apart was poetry in motion.
  9. Well I just heard their statements and they said no such thing. Brexit was barely touched on. They merely expressed their dissatisfaction of the Labour Party. Who are they traitors to, by the way?
  10. And they will be collecting their bonuses, nevertheless....
  11. I would suggest that democracy isn't being forced on them by Western leaders. Merely that a good number of Thais are sick of being dictated to, ordered about and shot at by fat oafs in pristine army uniforms, bejeweled with copious medals and decorations. What will come after the election? The rigged constitution and the 20 year plan, ensuring the same oafs stay in power. But then the political parties seem to be keen on contesting the rigged election like the toadies they are. But dammit, if the parties won't even agree to boycott a rigged election and the public dutifully turning up to vote for 'Heads I win, Tails you lose', well, fine by me. If they can't even be bothered to simply ignore those at the top, it is up to them.
  12. Aye, God forbid you are inconvenienced by the locals' political aspirations. Just as long as you get what you want. What else could life be about? But then I am responding to a weekend poster who will shortly have a new account. Seen 'em come and seen 'em go. Enjoy your junta...
  13. Yes, it is 'Letter to Brezhnev', but set in 2019. The principles are the same. Young idealists, setting out to their promised land and maybe discovering they made Bit Of A Mistake, to put it mildly. Should they be allowed back? Reluctantly, yes. But the British security services should debrief them and put them on a watchlist, if they have two pennies to rub together these days. That way, we can claim the moral high ground and have updated human intelligence on the characters who wish us harm and what their plans are.
  14. May's deal. Neither side get what they want, but the Brexiteers can't say that we haven't left. If they aren't happy with the terms and conditions, tough. Take it up with David Cameron.
  15. But it isn't, hence the fighting. Leaving the EU without a deal is the work of a small but vocal minority - many Brexiteers don't want no deal either.
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