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  1. Exactly the reply I was about to make. Fine, let's leave but with an actual strategy. Not 'This will be fantastic! We will thrive!' 'Well it will be pretty good, anyway.' 'Well perhaps not that good in the short to medium - OK, we become Albania, but it is bound to pick up eventually...' How is the latter an argument for leaving? I don't want my bloody sovereignty OR my blue passport back in that case...
  2. Just speculating, but maybe they wanted to lose in order to dump the inevitable Brexit sh!tshow on somebody else?
  3. No he has not. He has decided to become both a player and the referee.
  4. Buddy, come out of the closet. It would improve your mood no end and you might pick up a few votes along the way...
  5. He was a piece of crap. A disgusting man. But that does not mean other such disgusting men had the right to remove him in the petty and sleazy way they did.
  6. Yes, yes. It is merely pure happenstance that we are being abandoned in droves at this moment. Doubtlessly the world will come to its senses soon enough and kowtow to the mighty British Lion on the blue passport.
  7. The chap in question would not not endorse Pol Pot if it meant anything to do with the end of the Shinawatras / their cronies / supporters. I mean come on, Pol never fled to Dubai. Sure he broke a few eggs along the way, but what about Samak and his cooking show?
  8. Pah! Nothing to do with Brexit. No gloomy news ever is and it is the EU's fault anyway.
  9. 'So what about something which happened ten years ago and has no connection to the OP whatsoever?' How's that?
  10. And there's the rub. There are no Hard Brexiteers chomping at the bit to replace her, the scoundrels. At least not until May carries the can for their flight after they won and decided to become professional hecklers, rather than take responsibility and damage their careers. How can the mind not boggle at this?
  11. At the risk of pedantry, no he did not shut down Bangkok in 2014. The numerous 'Final Pushes' were descending into apathy. His comrades in the military timed their 'rescue' coup appallingly as a result.
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