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  1. I think he is saying that May's deal was cack, but when presented by Johnson it is suddenly brilliant.
  2. What else can we do? Wait for the EU to give us all the benefits we currently enjoy for none of the responsibilities? Not going going to happen. Go back to the drawing board and have them decide enough is is enough and out we go with No Deal? Slowly bleed to death as/if we are granted extension after extension? Let's quit arguing and blaming one another and just MAKE IT STOP!
  3. Quite frankly at this stage in the game, I am prepared to go for anything which isn't No Deal or Back To Square One on Monday.
  4. I think the deal is the way to go, but fair enough.
  5. Maybe Parliament will think long and hard, if and when confronted by a sizeable lynch mob of both Leavers and Remainers. Let's hope so. This bullcrap can't go on. Screw the 'All or nothing' lunatics on both sides.
  6. Can't we now just accept this deal as a compromise, move on and stop pouring buckets of s̶h̶i̶ slop over one another? And urge Parliament to do the same?
  7. Dust off May's deal and market it to the great unwashed as a radical new breakthrough. How many of them will have read it in the first place?
  8. I do. I am married to Mrs baboon. Never mind Brexit...
  9. I wish to remain. But 'Leave' won the vote and are steadfast. Neither side can just urinate all over the other. We MUST seek a compromise.
  10. I am reporting my experiences as a Thaivisa member in good standing since 2006. My suspicions may be wrong, but let the readership decide for themselves. My posting record is there for anyone interested to see.
  11. Oh for f- (sorry, mod). We HAVE to leave. So now let us take our leave on the friendliest terms possible and take it from there. Parliament - stop f- (sorry mods, again) squabbling and agree to SOMETHING! Just go with the bloody deal and stop messing about. Not only is this Brexit draining our economy, it is draining the life force from all of us.
  12. And don't forget your TM30, if you wish to spend more than 24 hours away from your province.
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