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  1. Fair enough. But just because oppression does not touch your life doesn't mean it isn't there. And if it does, you have the option of packing up and leaving, unlike most Thais.
  2. In the case of the Newcastle I was born and brought up in, three hearty cheers for that...
  3. Thailand is just as bad in its own way. Take away the sun and attractive people and what you are left with is basically an oriental East Germany. TM30? The Computer Crimes Act? 112? Curbs on the selling of alcohol? Vaping illegal? Think about it for a minute.
  4. I hear you. Flew back last Monday, waved my Passport at Heathrow... and that was it. I can live where I want, do what I want, work where I want, stay as long as I want... It's easy to forget all that when living in Thailand and trying to justify to yourself and / or others the ever-increasing nonsense that goes with living there.
  5. Flew out on Monday the 4th, BA10 to London. Suvarnabhumi was dead. The Chinese greatly outnumbered all other groups at the airport and there weren't all that many Chinese.... I used the MRT & ARL from Hualampong to Suvarnabhumi. White / Black faces as I made my way through Bangkok? I'll be generous and say around 15. No-one can tell me something isn't going on and that tourist numbers are just peachy.
  6. Remember you can extend your visa exempt once in Thailand.
  7. Indeed. We can buy rice and seafood elsewhere. You only get to bully us when we are within your borders. And yes, their products are cheaper and at least as good as yours. We stupid foreigners can live just as easily without you as you can, us.
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