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  1. "In Thailand, the healthcare sector is a major focus for Infor due to the good quality of Thailand’s healthcare system, which has been ranked as the world’s sixth best by US magazine CEOWorld whose 2019 index has Taiwan, South Korea and Japan in the top three slots followed by Denmark (5th), Spain (7th), France (8th) Belgium (9th) and Australia (10th)." This may be for corporate expats with the finest insurance. It certainly isn't a guide to anything one encounters on any visit to a hospital outside of Bumrungrad and their like.
  2. My office told me I didn't need to file. But that was last March.Maybe they have tightened up. I have never filed one and probably leave the home six or seven times a year to travel in Thailand and 3 times to travel abroad each year. I usually don't do 90 days reports either because I am rarely in Thailand for 90 days consecutively. Does anyone know, when I come to renew whether they will demand a fine for each offense (about 10) or just for the last one? I'm happy to pay the fine once or twice a year, not happy to pay every time....although coming back from Europe and then next day driving 2 hours to immigration, waiting in line and driving two hours back in heavy traffic, it might be worth just paying the fine rather than killing a whole day. And no I can't use the internet, it simply never, ever works. I enter the data, then when I push the button to send, it tells me there is an error. And I have changed browser, it is still the same.
  3. I think will be very bad for Labour...37% of Labour voters voted Leave. I think they will get crushed in marginals....and if Boris and the Brexit party agree not to split the vote in key constituencies, then I can see the Tories plus Brexit party with an overall majority. The Tories will fare badly in the next election if this deal is done.....they need the election to be about Brexit....if the deal passes or there is no deal than the election might be about poverty, inequality of living standards and then the Tories will be minced beef.
  4. This has gotten pretty screwed up hasn't it. Usually you can see the way a political issue is developing, but this has more twists and turns than a crime novel. I read last night words from Junker that sounded like he was saying to Parliament, pass this because we will give no extensions. Parliament really screwed themselves when they wrecked Boris' negotiating strategy, wrongly in my opinion. Now it seems Boris does not have the votes to pass this without the DUP. So it seems we are back in 'extension land', which is appopriate since the EU never seem to tackle any actual issues, but agree to meet later, kicking the can down the road and hoping that the problem will solve itself if no action is taken for long enough (think Greek debt).
  5. The Chinese can make anything why are we surprised at them making aircraft carriers. I doubt they will be sent to the shores of the US for some time, but they will probably be used to deter the US in the Taiwan Strait and around the disputed islands.
  6. Britain negotiated that HK would be returned to China after the 99 year (extorted) leased ran out. What was supposed to happen was that it would have been returned in 1997. The deal delayed that until 2047. China is not breaking the agreement in anyway shape or form. They requested an extradition treaty which is quite a normal thing to do, and then when the protests started about the extradition, the elected CEO of HK withdrew the extradition request. The protesters then tried to come up with other grievances which will not happen until 2047 when HK becomes a part of China. It is not difficult to understand. And China will never give up HK? Never, ever. So the return to China in 2047 is completely lawful having been agreed by the two powers, UK and China. The Governor signed the agreement as the legal head of HK on behalf of HK and its people. The Governor was Chris Patten if you remember. We now forget that HK wasn't a democracy under the Brits.....it was ruled by a Governor appointed by HM government. And for who is ruining the financial well being of HK.....it is the protesters. They have already killed one man who disagreed with them and they will kill again. These are not heroes, but thugs, put on the streets by western powers. There are even photos of them in offices with US and EU country diplomats....the people supporting the rebellion. Ask yourself, what other country would tolerate this level of violence for any protracted length of time. The French police are fighting yellow vests; this sort of protest would be put down viciously in the US, with guns firing live ammo; Israelis likewise simply employed snipers to shoot Palestinian protesters. Expect China to come in and crush the revolt soon.
  7. This guy is a premature ejaculator. He spits out anything that comes into his mind. One day he has the greatest deal ever for farmers with China....next day there is no deal at all....the Chinese wanted tariff relief before they would but US farm produce. He is like that with everything. You can believe nothing that comes out of his mouth. I guess the problem is that all he says is is good news which is all down to him (in his version of reality). Unfortunately not many people share his version of reality.
  8. Looks like a spectacular place. With he white horse he looks like something out of a movie....quite Game of Thrones-ish. When you cannot pay your own train fare to Singapore and your hotel bill, it suggests that any major policy shifts will be modest.
  9. Seems like good news. I had decided to leave LOS because of the insurance requirement effected to enrich the hospitals and insurance industry....a sledgehammer to crack a $10-15 million problem, which is a drop in the ocean compared to the size of the tourist industry. It now makes sense....if you are here on marriage or retirement, you need money in the bank or an income. If you are on a non-OA visa from abroad you need nothing in a Thai bank, and so need insurance.
  10. Why is Obama allowed to use social media to meddle in the Canadian election?
  11. He is loathsome. What did he actually do after 9/11 except claim praise which was not due to him. The real heroes were the firemen who put their lives on the line....not some egotist who grabbed the bullhorn.
  12. Jail him. There are few humans as despicable as Giuliani. Ugh. I do however get the feeling that this investigation may well turn up something ugly. Bolton as a whistle blower? I have always loathed warmonger Bolton, but now, for one of the few times in his life, he seems to be on the side of the righteous.
  13. "Unacceptable" has become one of the new buzzwords for diplomats. Nowadays everything that the West doesn't like it deems to be "unacceptable". It is now being used by the West's chief enemy, Mr Putin. The jealousy of Mr Putin runs very deep in the West....indeed he is "unacceptable" because ehe does "unacceptable" things, like "liberating" Crimea" (or "invading" Crimea if you are writing for the West) and "helping Syria avoid the Western backed regime change" (or "interfering: in Syria if you are from the West). Putin has outsmarted the West almost at every turn....and the latest Syrian gambit looks like a repeat of the same long running show. Outsmarting the leaders of the West, weak, spineless and pusillanimous as they are, is of course "unacceptable" from a Western point of view, even if, or especially, if it brings peace to the region. "Unacceptable" apparently is a diplomatic code word for doing nothing when it comes from the West. I suspect that used by Putin, it might actually be translated into actions. One wonders how long the West can carry on with such useless leadership....and if I sound like a Putin fan, I unashamedly am, but sadly I don't get paid for it. Don't get me wrong, I see Putin has some less than desirable qualities, like ruthlessness (eg the speed at which he "invaded" Crimea to protect his naval base there). No Western leader could ever have made such a move without endless debates in the press about whether it would be a good idea, by which time the opportunity for action would've passed. But despite being corrupt like the rest of the world leadership, he is effective, unlike the shower from the Brussels or the dotard in the White House.
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