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  1. Thailand vs more or less anywhere else in the world looks very safe for coronavirus. I cannot decide whether the authorities have done a marvellous job......or whether they have been heavy handed. My view is that there are two distinct strains of this virus. Asian countries have low cases fatality rates in the region of 1-2%. European and US have case fatality rates of 5-13%. I read an article, I forget where, where they traced the early cases of corona in NY to Italy, and on the West coast to Asia. Just look down the daily figures and you will see that Western US has very low fatality rates and the east coast are very high.
  2. Another totally, absolutely, hilarious 'brown envelope' joke. Aren't these starting to get a bit stale? Can we have less of them? They don't make you look smart.
  3. First sensible thing this guy has ever said. US GET OUT OF HONK KONG NOW. Stop interfering in other nations. You whined like hell about election meddling and you do it all the time.
  4. Well I have never been a fan of Chan o Cha, but my hat of to him for doing, so far, a wonderful job with the coronavirus. 57 dead vs 40,000 in Britain with the same population? It is miraculous. Dictatorships work much better than democracies in emergency situations....faster decision making, better implementation etc. I have retired so the lockdown mean little to me except the bars where I usually interact with English speaking friends are closed. The curfew has stopped the infernal street racing down our street and I sincerely hope that they keep and extend the curfew....it must have saved countless lives. The alcohol ban likewise could, for me, be extended....say allowing it to be purchased only between 6 and 8am every morning. I was in a bar this past weekend and there was a debate about the lockdown......the bar owner was serving beers but complaining about the lockdown....the rest of us retired guys said we didn't care at all.
  5. Both Johnson and Trump have done a lousy job in this emergency. The Cummings thing is way overblown....he's a senior person in the government ordinary laws don't apply to him as we see every day on all countries around the world. He caused no one any harm, so get over your selves and let him get on with his job.
  6. High time prostitution was decriminalised and the ficus put on human trafficking. Women who have to leave the North East and go and make the supreme sacrifice in Pattaya to support their families and children are heroines, not criminals.
  7. I don't trust this fellow. I'd say it is odds on that he is mixed up in it somewhere along the line. He has zero qualifications for his job and nothing but drivel ever comes out of his mouth.
  8. How odd, who buys Nissan? What mental process does a person go through saying to himself, I could buy a great car like a Honda or Toyota, but no, I'll buy a pos Nissan. I'd wait a few months for a Honda or a Toyota .
  9. IT was a well functioning country with Chavez in charge. When he died the CIA decided it was time for regime change and applied sanctions.....Venezuela has done nothing wrong.....it simply has large reserves of oil that America comets and wants to steal.
  10. BY what right do America have to 'criticise the move? Goodness do we need China and Russia to step-up and stop this world domination fever that has infected the US. I want a multi=polar world....not a world run by a bullying rogue pariah nation.
  11. Panties is one thing, but flip-flops....ugh...disgusting...send him to jail.
  12. How do the tourists get into the country to enjoy the pleasures of rafting?
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