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  1. It is nothing to do with liability laws, they have been made immune from lawsuits for COVID vaccines.
  2. Probably something to do with the fuses, the wiring, the battery or the electrics.
  3. I'm pretty sure Pattaya will come back, certainly not this year, probably not in 2021 either. I just wonder what all the bureaucrats planning these changes do't destroy the whole thing.....and when government money is involved (I read) 30-50% of the budget goes in graft to support the lifestyles ion the anonymous men who runt he place. It's why the quality of the infrastructure doesn't last longer than the paint drying.
  4. A boon for the Pharma industry....a shot for the vulnerable and aged every year or twice a year even.
  5. I would never complain about my partner.....we have been together for 15 blissful years....I wouldn't;t give her up for anything.
  6. Reading this, I need a plan to move somewhere else. I have had a non O retirement extension for about 10 years. I am not married to my Thai partner as I am married already to someone else , and she doesn't want to marry either for financial reasons. I decided to stay here through the Covid panic and so won't need to do anything until general of extension (next March). I have no insurance either (I have the funds to self insure). Might I expect some serious problems at renewal????
  7. I don't think a single case says this. If there was not quarantine there may have been thousands of cases just like in other countries.
  8. One might add that none of the apps they develop actually work.
  9. I like my seafood from the sea....not farmed freshwater produce.
  10. Is there some way a girl of 19 can be a teacher? If she has been in Thailand for 2 years and is now 21 it implies that she became a teacher when she was 19. I thought teachers needed degrees. I wonder if she has a work permit to start her business and work as a teacher......and what is a teacher doing opening mail. And who is her boss.....presumably if she started the Hot in the Biscuit, she is her own boss. So is this a boss from her teaching job? Is her boss in jail as well? Did he work at the same school/cafe? Something doesn't smell right. But poor girl, I would not
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