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  1. Not that I ever go to Terminal 21, but I will definitely avoid the place in future.
  2. It is very difficult to collect if the person has no assets. As a minimum he should move all his assets into someone else's name...someone he can trust, like you. Bankruptcy tales a long time though. My wife declared herself bankrupt in the face of enormous debts and moved abroad. The long arm of the law tracked her down and took her to court. The court restricted her movements and after several years (about 6) the creditor (a bank) finally gave up and she was discharged. Now she can own anything in her name.
  3. Shame we can't find 3 such principled people in Parliament when it comes to voting for wars! How many MPs had principles when the vote to illegally invade Iraq was held?
  4. Europeans leaders have no backbone, spineless to a man/woman. They will fold to US demands, they always do. US vassals, nothing more. May I have another please, sir....
  5. They will get a lesson like the gang of 4 in the 80s by becoming irrelevant. The Labour Party has always been split by those wishing to be a reformist party and this like myself, who would like a radical Labour Party. For me I have been happy with the Labour Party under Corbyn. The Tories are totally incompetent with the least talented cabinet in living memory, possibly ever. What concerns me is the anti-semitism term which is thrown around carelessly. In Corbyn's case it is his support for the Palestinian cause and his membership of the BDS sanction movement. On both of these issues, I support Corbyn wholeheartedly. Because he isn't kissing Bibi's a** he is supposedly an anti-semite.
  6. In need pf Occam's razor. It is possible but is it the most likely option? In my view, no it's not the most likely option. The most likely option is that she was killed and her body cut up into parts.
  7. Excellent idea. Also ban all use of one-trip plastics, pass a law requiring all packaging materials to be reusable.
  8. I have no doubt that there were many Poles that pointed out Jews to the Germans, perhaps captured them and delivered them over to the Nazis and the like. Equally I'm sure that there were many, many Poles who helped Polish Jews escape to the UK, Switzerland and the like. I am no fan of Bibi, indeed, there can be few people on the planet more evil than him, but Bibi is correct on this issue and history will not change if the Polish PM has a hissy fit. Having said that I am glad Morawieki dropped out of the meeting, nations should be more careful picking their friends.
  9. Legalise the stuff. Tax it and sell through government controlled pharmacies. Use the profits to treat the addictions.
  10. Having a higher IQ when the education system is still so poor is useless. Until the elites realise that there is value in having inquiring minds and stop using the education system as a propaganda tool to keep the pollute dumb, there is no point.
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