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  1. Excellent post. The bullied need to find the mental resources to stand up to the bullies. It is a life long problem if you don't learn how to sort it out.
  2. Because the minimum insurance is 40,000 for out patient visits and 400,000 for inpatient. The cost of insurance will exceed this indemnity for people over 70 with pre-existing conditions. I would prefer to self insure. If I got a hospital bill for 5 million I could cope with it....and having insurance would be of almost no help at all,.
  3. Bring the curfew back, I say. Worked very well last time and has the added benefit of quietening the roads with the boy racers on them.
  4. All of my mates in their 70s tell me that they have sex every day. They are either a very special group or a bunch of liars.
  5. Immunity lasts, reportedly, 6 months. What happens at the end of a year when all the vaccinated peoples' immunity vanishes min a puff of smoke? Is herd immunity lost at that point, or has coronavirus died out in a. years' time? Or does the entire population of each country need vaccinating every 6 months?
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