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  1. Someone earlier suggested using the cane as punishment. I thought about this and think there is some merit in it. Poor people have little money and so fines here are peanuts compared to developed countries. I often speed here whereas back in the good ole USA I rarely if ever exceeded the limit....why...a single speeding ticket might cost you $3000 in additional insurance charges for points on your licence plus of course the $250 fine and $150 court costs. Here speeding costs 500 baht or less, and there are 10 million outstanding tickets that have not been paid. Instead of fines why not cane bad drivers in public? Give drunks a real thrashing. The loss of face might deter another Somchai from driving a non-roadworthy vehicle with no lights at night, drunk as a lord and doing twice the speed limit while texting on his smart phone, and having no licence? Just a thought. Might actually save some lives.
  2. No need to read this article full of platitudes and nonsense. The Constitution ensures that the poor are not represented at the top levels of the country. Nothing will reduce inequality here unless the all mega-rich wake up one morning and stop being overweeningly greedy. It won't happen. This is a zero sum game.....for poor people to get better off relies ultimately on the mega-rich having a bit less by either paying some taxes, getting less in kickbacks, not getting fraudulent monopolies, or by becoming citizen to whom the law applies. None of this will happen. Marx tells us that the elite will never give up the privilege they have without a fight.
  3. Fantastic news. 90 day reporting must be the biggest waste of time ever dreamed up by out of touch bureaucrats. It has no benefit at all to the state and costs the reporters time, money and effort. The problem is will we see something worse take its place.....like every other day reporting. TIT after all. The 10 year visa has been mooted before.....it was ridiculously expensive and was not a 10 year visa as it had to be renewed after 5 years. TIT after all.
  4. Outrageous sexism at work from the 'activist' community.
  5. Well if he won't be bullied by Trump then he will be out of a job pretty quickly....Trump dislikes independent thinker who will not be bullied by him.
  6. Where is the evidence for a no deal being suicide? I haven't seen any. A period of uncertainty say 3 to 6 months where stopping people at customs gets difficult. The UK can suspend all duties on food and medicine coming in. A modest loss of exports due to tariffs when trading under WTO rules (average tariff of 1.9% although it would obviously vary with the product/service mix of the US's actual exports). The City will lose the most but who are about those greedy so-and-sos who crash the economy periodically with their greed. Plus the UK saves itself 39 Billion pounds. All the gloom and doom comes from think-tanks forecasts and they have an agenda....they simply forecast whatever the payer for their services wants to see. The correct course of action is as follows: recall Article 50; call a general election; hold a second referendum. May has not acted in the UK's interests. The population voted for a no deal exit (no one had even heard of hard and soft Brexit before the election....out meant out where we made all our own decisions and kept hard borders to the people that voted for it.) May then negotiated a deal which was worse that staying in....and probably she knew it would not pass Parliament. What is clear is that the UK's democracy is broken. The Party system that worked for many years no longer works. Our representatives in Parliament do not represent their constituents at all if 70% of MPs back Remain. Something needs to be done about this. Perhaps breaking up the Party system and have MPs vote the way their constituents want?
  7. From the article: "The expatriate rental market is competitive because the number of foreign nationals working in Bangkok is not growing." Why is this positive for the rental market?
  8. If your business model is gouging foreigners with outrageous pricing then you will not become a medical hub anyway. Besides you need some decent doctors to become a medical hub.
  9. Pedrogaz

    Buying an old classic

    When I was 39 I bought a V12 XJS. Kept it for two years and got rid when I realised how uncomfortable a low car is and what an idiot I was for buying it. Brilliant engine though.
  10. I'm not at all sure stealing underwear should be a crime....perhaps he was just borrowing them and intending to return the knickers when he had given them a really good wash.
  11. What is the point of having a law that you must wear a seat belt when you allow tens of workers to pack in the back of a pick up? It makes no sense. I am living in an absurd country.
  12. Good move elite.....keep the masses dumb, incurious and incapable of reading anything from another culture. Good only for watching Thai soaps and credulously watching the adverts. Pitiful education standards here. The future looks bleak.
  13. I think Thais don't realise how poor and backward this made them look in front of the rest of the world. Just reading the press around the world it looks like Thailand were the bad guys for threatening to deport her. The parties responsible for the fiasco at Suvarnabhumi should be in court answering charges of damaging Thailand's reputation.
  14. Look at Nissan's market share in the US next to Honda and Toyota. Munoz hasn't done a very good job. No great loss. If Nissan have been hiding payments to him as with Ghosen then he needs to flee the US before the IRS nabs him.