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  1. trouble with covid, are the symptoms(for some).....heaps worse than the flu and it would appear ,after recovering, the effects linger for a long time.At my age i would hate to catch this virus.
  2. your right but you know years back with vaccines for rubella diptheria,smallpox etc. i don't remember anyone having adverse reactions...i just wont trust any of these virus vaccinations....produced too quickly without any trials.Never put my faith in big pharma.
  3. so true...it's here to stay in one form or another,mass tourism will be a thing of the past,prepare for intermitten lockdowns,and if it's not a virus it'll be for the planet,climate control etc.
  4. not really the same thing....50/50 on a possible health problem down the road i'd want 100% but look it's each to his own judgement,many would be ok with 50/50....but not me.
  5. so these vaccines work by blocking the virus?.....chinese say their vaccine only 50% effective.Dont know about you,but i'll only accept a vaccine if i'm made to for visa extension purposes.
  6. correct me if i'm wrong,but when vaccinated does n't the vaccine actually give you a mild dose of the virus so the immune system can build up antibodies,So when tested after the vaccine is given would n't it be normal to test positive anyway?
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