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  1. AFAIK Thailand would be a trailblazer if all tourists had to pay an insurance levy. I can't think of another country where the government attempts to collect an insurance levy on travelers whether or not they have a visa (remembering that many countries are eligible for visa exempt)
  2. I'll take your word for it (big of me, I know, I'm like that) but there's definitely been no announcement according to Mr Google
  3. Interesting seeing that Thai passports are not supposed to be eligible - https://www.abf.gov.au/entering-and-leaving-australia/smartgates/arrivals. However all passengers use an Egate on departure
  4. I would expect members who can predict with that degree of certainty to have gone out and bought currency futures to support their belief
  5. It's fairly obvious they're offering the facility to passport holders of countries that already have well-established systems already.
  6. I'd suspect that Australia and New Zealand may well be negotiating opening their own smart gates to Thais
  7. Our family had a dinghy named "Sabrina" in honour of a generous endowment
  8. Why would you bother going through the rigmarole of an "O" visa when you can get an METV from your home country that will give you six months (with extensions + one visa run) with far fewer hoops to jump through?
  9. How do the automatic gates work to register fingerprints? In Singapore - where they register fingerprints for all non-Singaporeans - the automatic gates can only be used by some other nationalities if they've already entered Singapore twice and subsequently register for automatic gate use
  10. I wondered why the baht was so strong against other currencies. Thanks
  11. Not sure which "home country" you're referring to but there's no "proof of retirement" required if you apply at Sydney or Canberra. All you need is to be 50+ and have the money (plus the other bureaucratic nonsense)
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