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  1. My new passport is here to pick it up already. Have to go to Phuket though. I hope that everything works this time. Generally I`m not so thin-skinned but the ever changing rules and the fact that some things (e.g. Photos) can´t be understood (reading the application form) and the resulting uncertainty, especially having a family, has attacked my nerves lately. Well....... Thanks for the replies.
  2. I´m a bit confused. I posted about this issue before but was wrong about one, maybe essential, fact. So, my application to change from retirement to marriage visa was denied because of a missing TM 30 + they didn´t like the fotos + validity of passport. I (wrongly) understood that they had put me on a 60 days tourist visa, but in fact it is a 60 days extension of probably the former RV. My question is if the extension is good for applying again at the local immigration or do I have to leave the country to start all over again from outside ? Thanks Extension.pdf
  3. I would go for a generator. I´ve lived with solar energy quite a long time in Spain. Lights are no problem, but the fridge already is. A/C, no way, unless the dimension of the insallation is according to this. Biggest problem and cost: batteries. The sun doesn´t shine when you need the electricity (rain, night)
  4. I think you need a "Certificate of Residence". That´s something you get from Immigration. 500 Baht for as many copies you want. Take more than one because you will need it for registration of the bike and the drivers license
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