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  1. I also think that it's more about the fuel pump or the injectors. I'm just worried to start up the engine as it sounds really bad and shaking a lot. The fuel pump was leaking when I took the car to the shop. Apart from that it was running very smooth. Yes and no. I have a good ear for strange sounds in engines. Not so much when it comes down to technical terms. It's the rocker (ref cam) cover gasket. Why would you change the gasket ( I have the used part and it looks good to me) when you repair the fuel pump ? asking
  2. I'm not an expert but it's the uppermost cover of the engine (not the air filter) I think head gasket? Could be valve cover gasket also...not sure
  3. Thank you guys No dealer on the island and I don't want to move the car like this. No idea, red (sealant)...anyway, no problem to order a gasket if you're not out in the desert or jungle No offence towards you I'm not an expert but it's the uppermost cover of the engine (not the air filter) I think head gasket? Not easy. Seems to be a multiple issue That's exactly the problem. I know them all apart from one (new one)....and I like the car On Koh Phangan
  4. Hi, they ruined my car again....impossible to find a mechanic that knows something where I live. Tried them all. This time there was a problem with the diesel pump. Car is a 1999 Toyota Tiger SR 5. They fiddled around with the pump which is still not working properly and for some reason, unknown to me, the took off the cylinder head and replaced the gasket (which still looks ok to me) with this <deleted> glue. Now the engine runs completly out of round, stops incidentally, which might be due to the pump. My bigger concern is that the gasket which was quite thick, now glue, would reduce the distance between head and block and moving parts could touch. Any thoughts on that ? Thanks
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