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  1. Earbuds that translate 40 languages, including Thai. Now I will know what those market ladies / bar girls / shopkeepers / anyone else is saying, without them knowing it's being translated directly into my ears. Win! https://timekettle-wt2edge-earbuds.kckb.st/44b3d920
  2. When staying at Jomtien Plaza Condo, pre-covid, I was told by a condo office worker that there was a restaurant being built on that lot. Another reason not to live at JPC. Ongoing construction noise.
  3. At the risk of being castigated, why not include expats? If the purpose is to stimulate the tourism sector, doesn't our baht offer enough the same stimulation?
  4. Should have run a spell check, for the local market. Mitta Loo
  5. Excellent place for sports. Partakers can use their lungs to filter the exhaust from the traffic waiting at the lights.
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