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  1. You are missing the point. Most conservatives disagree with the Democrat (socialist) programs. It sounds a lot like big government and wealth distribution, which this country was NOT founded upon.
  2. So if America infection is up 20% in the recent week with no economic shutdown, what does that make European countries that are up 100+ % in infections, and also locked down and destroyed what was left of their pitiful economies. No need to list them, they know who they are. I would call that a 'super-idiot' policy. Take a note that the virus does not follow anyone's rules.
  3. Public information folks. Stop letting the media spoon-feed you. https://covidtracking.com/data/charts/us-daily-deaths
  4. Deaths in the US have been steady and declining since June. I guess this story is assuming a change in that (aka the sky is going to fall LOL)? Yet to be seen in the data. Like i tell my workers every day, in God I trust, all others must bring data.
  5. All media outlets should be considered questionable today. The only relevant information is which party they are carrying water for....LOL
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