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  1. Sex is never the problem in Asia, so no need to answer that question coming from the clenched sphincter squad. The issue is what to do with the other 23 hours and 55 minutes of the day in Vietnam. I guess you could watch paint dry, or other past-times. Cheap Charlies will still wax poetic about Vietnam, versus admitting that they can no longer afford to live in a third world country like Thailand.
  2. I like the middle class Indians just fine, but your post mostly seems to be angling for somebody to buy you a house? I am down with that darling, just not on the first date.
  3. Just don't turn out being like one of those Junior High School boys that turn in their sexy health ed teacher for touching. I always wonder about those poor kids, what in the he77 are they thinking?
  4. Yeah, ~ $125K of assets tied up to have an oceanfront condo is chump change for many. Especially if you price the same in Miami or Hong Kong or Singapore. Not a lot of money these days.
  5. Lots of nice condos in Pratumnak. You may want to be closer to the Baht Bus route than Cosy beach. Look at other options like Tara Court, Axis, Treetops. Good hunting.
  6. Returned to the USA. Good Lord, things must be really bad in LOS! You are right, things are much more expensive now over time, creeping inflation and exchange rate compounded.
  7. Who gives a flying carp? The biggest problem in Asia is there are too many westerners already. Dumbest post of the day.
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