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  1. I've been waiting for a special debit card to arrive from the UK to Thailand but stupidly my mother send it standard international via Royal Mail and its been nearly 5 weeks now and I even received other mail she sent standard before she sent that so my hope has nearly faded of ever receiving that now (Its either been lost or stolen along the way) I've been visiting my condo office everyday and I think they are getting annoyed at me but tough on them as I want my letter...its making me paranoid that my post has to change hands so many times along the way. I am considering ordering a replacement but I want it to arrive as quickly as possible...I don't want to wait another month so anything Royal Mail (even registered is out of the question) Ive seen other threads but I wanted a bit more detail on couriers, I'm thinking DHL is probably the best..anyone have any experiences and can provide any costs? (I heard DHL sometimes won't allow debit cards) I'm thinking my mum can slip the debit card into a CD case or something and not tell DHL its a card... anyone know if DHL will deliver to the condo or do I go and pick it up at a checkpoint? I'd prefer pick it up at a checkpoint as well as I don't trust the condo staff either because they might sign for it and then lose it who knows!
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