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  1. thats what I just said, its obviously been lost in the UK...its not even in Thailand
  2. Thaipost responded quickly to my email saying its not arrived in Thailand. I'm inclined to believe Thaipost as Royal Mail didn't even update their tracking to say Heathrow...bunch of idiots They always put Thailand in capitals, receipt says Thailand
  3. Had a Royal Mail Tracked parcel sent from the UK on the 16th of Sept, usually the tracked ones make it here fine within 4-7 days. Only the Untracked ones get nicked/arrive months later. This time the Royal mail website shows nothing about it leaving at Heathrow but it's showing in the Thaipost website, I can't tell if it's been lost in the UK or Thailand. It has my Coinbase(Bitcoin Debit card/+ UK simcards in it) scared it might have been nicked. Usually parents put debit cards inside a CD case to throw thieves off, but don't think they bothered with this one. Royalmail say 24th of Oct to my rents before can claim, I was told by a lady on the phone 21st and sorry it looks like a 'technology issue' (not technical) ...standards of Royal Mail gone right down hill seems like they employ morons. Cost my mother nearly 10 quid, they told her if its in Thailand it's out of their hands but they are going to have to prove it left the UK coz I'm not gonna let them get away with it. It usually says Heathrow on RoyalMail site, according to this it never left Cardiff...bunch of... Updated on: Monday 16 September 09:07pm Item Despatched to Royal Mail site Cardiff Mail Centre All that shows on Thaipost is this and I noticed Thaipost page design has changed recently: 16/09/2562 13:19 น.ต่างประเทศ (สหราชอาณาจักร)รับฝาก 09.16.2562 13:19 hrs. International (UK) deposit. No other movements on Thaipost for 3 weeks, I've emailed them
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