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  1. A shame you are not in Bali now. I've been "stranded" here since mid-March and its great IMO! There's only been about 350 COVID cases here and life is fairly normal. Only foreigners here are ones like me, no new tourists since late March. Villas and hotels open are super discounted. Plenty of restaurants are still open. It's really peaceful and quiet...Balinese are really friendly and glad to have your business. If you want to party in Kuta or Ubud, then now is not a good time to be here, but Bintang beer, wine, and spirits are always available.
  2. Being cynical, but you can bet everything listed (and quite a few other items) will have a COVID-19 surcharge in the final bill...guaranteed.
  3. I don't have a Thai family but I think we're both at the bottom of the barrel as far as this regime is concerned. I've lived in Thailand for almost 10 years, spent millions of Thai baht while there, kept my nose clean and never caused a serious problem unless you count my two parking violations, respected Thai culture, and just tried to enjoy my retirement. But everyday it's only a broken record about getting the tourists back, the tourists back, the tourists back. Unless I missed it, I haven't seen one post here about government concern or attempts for allowing people like you or me to return. I don't think people like you or me are even on their radar screen. As for me, when I do get back, it may be time for me to leave permanently. Good luck getting back to your family soon.
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