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  1. He will have to walk around holding someone's pocket as their bitch. He is already in Hell, and then Hell again if you believe in a floating god.
  2. okay so locked in deposits to banks, where before this was not true, would have no affect on the baht due to forced loans to bank of 400,000 for each retiree. Then what does it affect? Nothing?
  3. Think of all baht the banks will have in forced, locked savings due to new retirement requirements. How will all this money affect the baht? Anyone know? I only took macroeconomics.
  4. I would assume. Nothing mentioned about an owner. So, now it will wander around and die from hunger. I wonder how the Thai wander around starving animals oblivious to their condition? Pity
  5. No it never ended in whoring. I was gyrating on the monkey bars. But I guess when you swing and move your body you don't have to become a whore.
  6. As a child I would swing on what is (was?) called monkey bars. I was talented, don't you know, but did not realize I was actually a little whore boy.
  7. This government spends so much money on crap the country does not need (e.g. time to change the light bulbs for 500,000 baht at some government office), why not buy school buses for schools so children can be transported safely? The girls were only dancing like all little girls do and these children should not be publicly shamed. Normal.
  8. No He doesn't care about anyone, but himself and his daughter.
  9. There have been so many gods in the past and present. Hard to believe one is always testing us to see if we are fit for heaven. Atheism seems more appropriate for me. If Christians were nice people I might change my mind.
  10. I don't think there is any doubt which leader cares about the people of Venezuela
  11. All classes eat junk food in the USA. Look at cheeseburger Trump.
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