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  1. She, family, and her thai boyfriend will strip you of time, money, everything else.
  2. either, both, or whatever anyone wants...i don't care anymore money will not make them stop.
  3. To succeed we sometimes must fail. Only you know the path you must take. If returning to the US or leaving Thailand for any other place is how you feel, then you MUST do it. If it does'nt work, then try something else. Good luck.
  4. ...and give her ALL your time and money...do let us know how it worked out. Good luck to both of you, you will need it.
  5. Senseless loss....If anyone wants to start a Gofund for the family, I'll chip in to save them. I only need to know where to send some baht. RIP.
  6. Sadly, this is normal here. This senseless loss will NOT ever stop.
  7. He is correct...second wave is gonna ramp up. Wait til fall, Covid+ Flu = double death.
  8. Good luck. All are cancelled. Here's how it works to get out of BKK. 1. there must be an international flight that really will not be cancelled. 2. if you transit via another country, you must be a citizen to transit. Unless they allow ALL nationalities or the one you are from to transit. 3. You must be able to afford the flight. 4. flight will likely be cancelled.
  9. me2....I like living on the edge...miss those this girls, they give us reason to live.
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