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  1. Cheap young Thai <deleted>, Best food, peace and quiet, excellent beer, and a nice home. The sin sot was worth it, I now support several village people that are like family to me.
  2. U have 2 options Pay or do not pay. I advise do not pay. Her problem is hers, not yours. There is so much <deleted> in the world. Find another.
  3. How do you sleep in the Philippines. Roosters and bikes are at constant full blast. Great country to party and NOT sleep. The food has very little variety, Bangus and high sugar, salt, and grease.
  4. Pattaya Beach rocks...Thai pussy everywhere! Beach have been cleansed up. If you're tired of Thai ladies, go to Boyz town, many gay men, if you down want either, head to North Pattaya.
  5. I'm staying in Pattaya. WHY? I don't pay sin sot for now one, save ALL my cash, live dirt cheap, and like thai guys I get free pussy, free beer, and my Thai honey supports me. Unless any of those change I'm staying in Thailand.
  6. As long as it works for you, my and everyone else opinion does not matter, and they do not care. Glad you found Nirvana, redemptions, happiness, and or salvation on many levels or whatever you want to call it. Bottom line, you evaluated, considered, and executed. Good luck!!
  7. I'm switching to sex and other alternative endorphin stimulants. Sex is one of best highs, especially in the family friendly Pattaya. All that sin sot, well I spend on thai pussy. Cheers mates!!!!
  8. I did it and would do it again! Try it you might like it!
  9. DAMM, you NAILED it good. I like it!!! Problem is many men here don't have any balls, only pussy's. But you are bang on with everything...THANK GOD someone had common sense with BIG kahoonas to say it right. Rent it, don't buy it. They don't like your offer, good. Tell'm to get lost. There are so many options. I drive by all over Thailand and see guys with HOT Thai pussy sitting beside guys older than my grandfather drinking and smoking all day. And lets not forget about all the young, useless, drunk, lazy thai boys being supported by Hot Thai bar girls. They get tons of hot action for draining the earth of oxygen while contributing less than zero...THINK guys!! come on!
  10. Call Big BJ...he can fix it. Then offer a lot of Sin sot! Forget the Thai wife, dog and Visa more important.
  11. Where's BIG thai BJ to save the day and lay down some brutal kickboxing justice.
  12. Thais have eyes on us 24/7/365....THey are nice until the sin sod or whatever payment arrangement you have made for whatever it is...after that, better hope for someone just likes you for you! Otherwise, "its" get the heck out of my country until you have more Baht to bring in. Sadly!
  13. I see many comments, but FAIl to see how this "DIRECTLY" impacts everyone. Who cares??? The crap just keeps going on! You can complain or accept it, but the comments don't matter. Look how long the threads on TVF are about Brexit and Thai immigrations clamp down, and after weeks of complaining - Nothing!!! No Change! So please educate me, how this news "effects" me and my bank book? What a waste of time...honey, where's my chang?
  14. Ok, good question, but once you find out the answer who or what are you/we going to do about it??? Just asking?
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