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  1. Square root that bad boy to a factor of 10 is more accurate. Just another day in (paradise) here LOS.
  2. up to you but its NOT going to a free ride forever mate! Thailand is not giving out free visa and passports.
  3. some people like boy toys...nothing wrong with that.
  4. it is official from my agent...NO extension. July 31 on must pay.
  5. I understand you clearly. I would do the same. Generally, speaking, thais are very honest; can anyone in the building do it? If I was there I would have helped as I totally get it, I'm doing the same but it's work related. I could ask or suggest the staff from my storage facility in BKK to do it they are very honest. It's one possibility. No guarantees.
  6. Upnotover is correct...skip massage do the soapy. I NEVER get refused. Plus not greasy and good clean FUN.
  7. they will be removed immediately...Thailand immigration is NO joke.
  8. not to be a pessimist rather a realist. Don't make any travel plans until late 2021-2022. Covid is here for a very long time.
  9. Good luck! Go see a hematologist at Bumrungrad, well worth it.
  10. vodka thins blood....OR eat garlic and drink water...Or do nothing because everything is stupid and you're the expert...it's your decision buddy...your problem and between you and your God...I really don't care. Alcohol is known to increase levels of the "good" cholesterol, or HDL, and new research shows that it may act as a blood thinner. In the new study, drinking alcohol decreased the clumping together of clotting cells in the blood, a process that can lead to blood vessel blockages in the heart and possibly a heart attack
  11. I was almost in your position. However, I realized when looking deeper into immigration years ago, owning property entitled me to NO immigration benefits, therefore, I still will NOT buy anything in Thailand unless I am ok to lose it permanently. My regards to you circumstances. Be careful going forward.
  12. You have an excellent mrs...you're a lucky man, safe travels.
  13. Mercedes...lets start a GOFUND to replace it. I'll be the first to sacrifice my beer money for her, who else is in?
  14. Hong kong is gone. Curtains! Over! Time to move on...China is taking it forever.
  15. Hope this helps, if it doesn't...DO NOT FLY in Asia, stay where you are.
  16. DO NOT go during burn season (4-6months long)...You WILL get lung cancer. My only good advise. Quiet, nice, and very quiet. No people up there.
  17. YES!!!! Why do you think expats come to Thailand...NOT to marry heir mother. Think mate - think!
  18. Guaranteed NOTHING will happen. A typical day in Thailand, just another sad story...next one will be another road kill car versus bike again, jumper from a balcony in a mall or condo blamed on jealousy, a lady boy(z) theft of jewelry, etc, etc...move along now.
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