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  1. While the subject of study and timing of results achieved may vary, certainly we can all agree that 70% is a reliable statistic for life in Thailand. For example - 1. The driver ahead of you is texting (70% likelihood) 2. The lorry driver behind you is high on meth (70% likelihood) 3. The minibus was out of control (70% likelihood) 4. The man in the brown shirt is looking for a brown packet (70% likelihood) 5. Effectiveness of Thai birth control (70%, according to her) etc, etc
  2. Isn't it kind of sweet that he insisted on staying with his wife? Not a hopeless farang/Thai marriage, despite this man's simple nature. I would think it very unusual for a man and woman to share a bed in any hospital under any circumstance. Although what people do in private rooms when they are alone is their business. Perhaps this man saw fit to do otherwise, in an attempt to save money. Farang price gouging at Thai hospitals is obscene.
  3. Making the news should help this elderly couple, who apparently had not violated the national laws. (Who knows re local ordinance.) At any rate, from appearances, they are owed an apology from the local officials. Or at least the brown envelopes should be returned. This is not good Thai hospitality, esp given age of those involved and that its clearly a family and their guests.
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