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  1. I wonder what would have been the result if he had used the "pork flavor" variety??
  2. Chinese and Russian "business men" with preferential treatment????
  3. For reference from link:- Thailand's Burapha University, Chon Buri, is number 32 on the list.
  4. Interesting, from the photo, not one "tourist" is carrying a bucket and spade for the sandbox!!
  5. In my opinion, quite appropriate - he likes to cause a stink!!
  6. A coup on the horizon, to keep up with his Burmese "buddies"??
  7. ferries? Sadly, this comes to mind:-
  8. Yes indeed. I have just experimented trying to book a return ticket with AIR ASIA from Phnom Penh to Phuket via DMK, out Saturday 3 July, return Saturday 17 July for one person. I also tried different date combinations to see the responses - everyone "NOT AVAILABLE". Air Asia were previously listed as flying from Phnom Penh to Phuket via DMK. The experiment however, was of use as I was able to update my Air Asia Registration details from living in Thailand to living in Cambodia.
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