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  1. If ever? - out of interest (from December 2017):- NAKHON RATCHASIMA: Commercial passenger flights will return to the province’s only airport, Nong Teng (NAR) after a two-year hiatus with the launch of two new services by NewGen Airways, to Chiang Mai and Phuket. Flights to Bangkok were considered unprofitable. Further quote:- In August 2019, New Gen Airways suspended all flight operations.[2] In October of the same year, the airline forfeited its whole fleet, thus ceasing all operations
  2. Yes indeed and I bet the Chinese have their eyes on this - large tour groups on the horizon???
  3. Would be great to see such armed commandos patrolling the streets of Pattaya for thieving ladyboys!! Certainly would guarantee the safety of tourists - Amazing Trusted Thailand.
  4. Yes indeed - getting ready for the tour groups and young affluent tourists form China, South Korea and Taiwan!!
  5. Possibly making sure the airline's aviation fuel is supplied by PTT for starters???
  6. Yes indeed, registration on the new FPCS is required for visa extension but unlike a Big Brother TM30 one does not have to report to Immigration when travelling inter-provincially as in Thailand or every 90-days if a resident. I am registered on FPCS (done by my landlord as mandated) and that is it until I renew my retirement visa, then that is it for another year. Note, officially all foreigners, including tourists, must be registered on the app with the onus on the landlord, hotel, hostel, guest house etc. after you show/check in with your passport. I am sure it is going to be "flexible".
  7. Amazing Trusted Thailand! Why don't the police produce a poster showing the missing persons (if photo available) and distribute it nationwide and/or on social media. May get a "starter for ten"!!
  8. I am not laying the boot in but where is there a nice pleasant park here in polluted Central Bangkok? Like Hyde Park in London or Central Park in New York??
  9. Yes there are changes - 400k for some (married) with mandatory medical insurance, but for unmarried retirees now 800,000 baht (was 400,000 baht many years ago).
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