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  1. For reference, dolphins are mammals not fish. Photo shows Mekong River dolphins and there are similar in the Irrawaddy River in Burma.
  2. Great idea, but oh dear, the Thai Civil Servants in their military style uniforms will not be "happy bunnies"!
  3. As usual, waiting for the floods before building temporary bridges (REACTIVE)- be PRO-ACTIVE and build the bridges now!!
  4. Yes indeed, a possible set up - the thought came immediately to my mind.
  5. It is an utter disgrace and has been for many years, not only with the roads but pavements/sidewalks as well. When I used to live in Lanna, I often saw tourists in Chiang Mai struggling around on crutches with ankles/legs in plaster.
  6. Cooked prawns ready for the "eat as much as you can" buffets for the new Chinese tourists???
  7. Chinese soldiers from the PLA are currently involved in skirmishes with Indian soldiers over disputed borders in the Himalayas.
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