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  1. Yes indeed:- Construction within China (Yunnan) is well under way or has been completed:- Survey work was started in Burma in 2019, but to what extent these days due to the recent coup by the despot Generals Junta.
  2. May have learnt a lesson from World War 2 (reference Live Science):- "During the 1940s, Nazi troops were liberally supplied with a methamphetamine called Pervitin, while American and British soldiers stayed alert with the help of the amphetamine Benzedrine". For the Nazis, essential for their "Blitzkrieg" tactics.
  3. For reference (Open Development Cambodia):- The Ministry of Economy and Finance has announced that the government has so far distributed $78 million to poor families suffering from the pandemic. (September 2020) Over 10,000 quarantined in capital, government allowance for the poor (March 2021).
  4. With respect, have you lived in Cambodia?? Please supply evidence to back up your "anti" claims. I have now been happily retired, living one year in Siem Reap after 20 years in Thailand. You quote "no western level services to be found" however in my penthouse apartment for starters, I have mains water, sewerage and electricity, a bathroom with flushing western toilet, air conditioning units, ceiling fans, flat screen wall fitted digital TV's in both bedroom and lounge, internet and a kitchen which includes a fridge-freezer, microwave oven and an electric hotplate. In Siem Reap we have access
  5. Here is mine, from visits to Thailand pre-2000 (published previously):-
  6. Thanks, my thought as well. Infections spreading through Provinces and Songkran to be celebrated next month - Amazing Thailand!!!
  7. There are several decent private hospitals in Phnom Penh as I recall from visits, however I live in Siem Reap which I am more familiar with. There are many small private hospitals and clinics of reasonable to high standard (at a cost), but the largest is the private Royal Angkor International Hospital, a member of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services. On one occasion, I attended the Siem Reap Provincial Government Hospital for advice, but with respect, it was rather grim despite very helpful English speaking staff. In fact, the doctor I saw referred me to his private clinic across the road! Yes, ma
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