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  1. Not only Thailand but other countries worldwide. Union Pay is a Chinese banking conglomerate that offers banks better debit card/credit card commission rates than Visa and Mastercard.
  2. Yes indeed, but not only Thailand. Union Pay, a huge Chinese banking conglomerate, wants to take over the world by offering banks special commission/discount in favor of Visa and Mastercard.
  3. What an interesting possibility - "bullet" trains travelling east to west (or vice versa) across the north of Thailand Mukdahan to Mae Sot) totally avoiding Bangkok - brilliant idea!!. Just imagine Khon Kaen direct to Ho Chi Minh or Yangon by high speed train.
  4. Anyone know where this pilot plant will be built?
  5. Yes and from UK experience, a mixture of caustic and chlorinating chemicals are used. Typically Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) or Potassium Hydroxide with Sodium Hypochlorite. Therefore it is essential to thoroughly wash the lines with clean water afterwards before re-connecting to the keg or barrel.
  6. Just a thought (from previous experience as a bar person), draught beers are supplied by lines from the keg (or barrel) to the tap. These lines have to be kept clean and a chemical solution is used. Maybe some of the chemical was left in the line when re-connected and not thoroughly washed through..
  7. Interesting, however draught beers, such as Angkor, Anchor, Cambodia and ABC (black) stout, do not have any adverse effect on me and at around 75 US cents (24 baht) per glass, or cheaper, are very palatable and acceptable. There are three main breweries in Cambodia, Cambrew (Sihanoukville), 50% owned by Carlsberg, Cambodia Brewery (Kandal), 50% owned by Heineken and Khmer Brewery (Phnom Penh), 100% Cambodian owned.
  8. Already in the planning:- Quote from Reuters, August 19th 2019:- "SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China’s State Council has called for greater development of the southern city of Shenzhen and the integration of its culture and economy with neighboring Hong Kong and Macau. The State Council 19-point directive, published in state-media outlet People’s Daily, calls for Shenzhen’s “economic strength and development” to rank among the best in the world by 2025, and a “global benchmark” by the middle of the century.
  9. Unfortunately "no". Trains from Bangkok still terminate at Aranyaphratet on the border. New track crosses to a renovated Poipet station where a local service operated by Royal Railways runs on modernized track to Sisophon, the next city along the line. There is a sparse new service to Battambang and Phnom Penh (see timetable).
  10. Great idea - could provide competition for the Chinese and their "Special Economic Zone"
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