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  1. Spanish sailors acting like Barbary Apes!! Bring back Sir Francis Drake!!
  2. Would this be a result of "Operation Cobra Gold'? Quote: "sold to Chinese investors to make an alcoholic beverage" In the UK we have a drink called a "snake bite" - strong cider mixed with strong lager!
  3. Very sad - reminded me of a film I recently watched, Alan Bennett's "The Lady in a Van". In this case "a man in a pickup" RIP
  4. What a load of rubbish - "fake news". Lets us wait until the results are announced 60 days AFTER election day!! Was the poll carried out only in the Bangkok area??
  5. Quote:- "Train #630 with 32 bogeys weighed 128 tons and was unable to go up a rise" Unbelievable - what was the locomotive, Stephenson's Rocket??
  6. Please bear in mind, this huge quantity of "meth" is not just for Thailand. One of the main trafficking routes from the Burmese (Myanmar) factories across the border, producing the drug on an industrial scale, heads south for Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore then possibly onward to other international destinations.
  7. I wonder if "you know who" bought his watches from this man!
  8. Yes indeed - I forgot to mention, there are many of them.
  9. I have recently returned from a second visit to the site and what a transformation - mass tourism! The exhibition hall containing "The Heroes" mural and the bronze statue of the Royal Thai Navy Seal are now on display. Many new car parks and numerous souvenir/produce stalls. On a hillside that was just a field, a large strawberry farm has been built. There is a new camp site. Unbelievably, nearby on the approach road there is even a small KFC! Song Taews and an open sided minibus provide free transportation from the car parks to the Tham Luang site. Ponies were also available for hire and were popular with the children.
  10. What is it with Thais decamping from scenes? Afraid of being beaten up or seeing ghosts?
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