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  1. This is the up and coming tourist resort at the moment, especially with domestic tourism. No Chinese. Quote from Khmer Times:- He said that Kampot has four main tourism destinations to attract tourists. Among them: the countryside experiences to the east of Kampot town with its salt and pepper farms, temples, the Sarus crane bird areas, Kampong Trach cave; Kampot heritage with its museum, old town town, and night market and food street; river life, where visitors can see the lives of people along the Prek Toek Chhou river via boat; Bokor National Park. Kampot has 21 hotels and around 300 guesthouses and bungalows with 4,000 rooms, with more than 200 restaurants and other services.
  2. Yes, it is all about re-developing the economy - investors, developers etc. Here in Cambodia, there are many on-going major infrastructure projects (like new International airports for Siem Reap and Sihanoukville for starters) that came to a halt with the coronavirus scare. Now the Government wants to continue these projects to stimulate the economy again. Everyone thinks China is the major player, yes, but Japan is as well! Forget the ex-pats who want to do a visa run and foreign tourists at the moment.
  3. Sounds reasonable to me - who wants to sit all night getting inebriated and then having to stagger home in the "wee" small hours!!
  4. You are correct, I hired a boat for me and my guests and what an experience. It was the dry season and the Mae Kok was shallow. We sailed between fishermen casting nets who were standing waist deep in the middle of the river the bank!!
  5. I'll go along with that - hate them, always had to say "mai pedt krap"
  6. For reference, there have been NO known deaths from coronavirus.
  7. Thank you Thailand, and at last. The Cambodian traders have been campaigning to get their goods back for some time now.
  8. 55555555!! Still got many "happy hour" and special deals here in Siem Reap!! 50 US cents (16 baht) for a can or small draught beer.
  9. Ah Ha!! That well known "Tax Haven"!! No doubt used by Chinese and other International companies. Quote:- A BVI offshore company pays zero income tax. There is no British Virgin Islands tax on capital gains tax, nor are there gift taxes, inheritance taxes, sales taxes, or value added taxes. ... The government of the British Virgin Islands is noted for its stability. The law in the territory is based on British common law.
  10. Please note, and I quote:- "projects to do with petroleum exploration, thermal power plants, and fuel warehouse construction. These companies are from Japan and China"
  11. Yes indeed, so the only foreign customers are ex-pat old fart bar stool pundits and stranded tourists!!
  12. As an ex-Tourist Police Volunteer based at Chiang Rai, the excellent suggestions listed above are ALL worth visiting, but some could be ambitious on a motorcycle. Many are served by song taews and a frequent bus service from Chiang Mai travels north on route 107 to Thaton, on the Burmese border, where there is a giant hillside Buddha overlooking the River Kok valley. This bus also serves Chiang Dao on its way north, where Wat Tham and its caves containing Buddhist shrines is a "must". You can explore the cave system but please note "agility" is essential as you have to crawl on all fours in some parts of the system (as I know too well!). Nearer to Chiang Mai City, and if you like extensive parks and gardens, south there is the Royal Park Rajapruek off route 121 and north, The Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens which can be reached by turning left off route 107 at Mae Rim and keep going on route 1096, passing Tiger Kingdom, Mae Sa Elephant camp and many other "tourist" attractions. Between Chiang Rai and Mae Sai on route 1, there are also 2 other additional attractions to those listed above. First Doi Tung with its Royal Villa and extensive gardens in the mountains created by HRH the late King Bhumibol's Mother. There is an adjacent Akha Hill Tribe Village. Second, left off route 1 just south of Mae Sai, the now famous Tham Luang National Park with its renowned cave and museum complex.
  13. My thought as well, but slightly more refined:- "the best interests of the "establishment"!
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