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  1. That happened a long time ago. Check the picture.
  2. So why don't you, can't you explain? What's the point of saying I'm wrong without correcting it? Or, are you just a wind-bag?
  3. OK, just change that to being a burden. What about these people. Should they be here? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=homeless+in+pattaya
  4. I think he means going through Surin to go south at Heroines......
  5. I use a 50m tape measure with a rock attached. Dip the well each month in the dry season to see what the water table is doing. This way, you'll get some warning before the well runs dry, which happened to me in 2005.
  6. My own theory as to why rules are being tightened, is that the expat resident population has exploded in the last 15 years. Go anywhere in Thailand now and there will be foreigners. Go to any small village and there will be some foreigner living not too far away. In the 90's it was rare to see foreigners in the cities of Esaan, now there are many. Immigration are just culling the herd by trying to keep the richest ones, the ones that have the least chance of being a burden on the State.
  7. No, read my post again. The gang (only one) was in Rawai, not Chalong.
  8. Very much doubt the banking industry has anything at all to do with this. The money is such a relatively small amount. If there were a total of 10,000 people using the 800k method for retirement (I very much doubt that there are that many), then it adds a total of only 4 billion Baht (US$133,000,000) spread out over all banks. A drop in the ocean. Too many people overestimate the economic benefit to Thailand of foreign retirees.
  9. Just curious as to the state of fellow poster's well, or bore; particularly in Rawai. My well is a little bit less than the average for this time of year. We still have another 2.5 months before the rains come and possibly 3.5 months if the SW monsoon is late. I also have a 6" deep bore (61m) which I've never needed to use in the ten years I had it drilled. Feel sorry for those on government water due to the low levels in the reservoirs. First thing the authorities will do, is lower the pressure. Has anyone experienced this, yet?
  10. Yes, but, they're 40 Baht. Money doesn't grow on trees you know.
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