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  1. ......and Harry S. Truman offered to buy Greenland in 1946 for US$100,000,000.
  2. In Phuket, looks green. The rainfall has been just enough for the plants to suck it all up before it can get to the water-table, or, reservoirs. I've seen lots of water truck deliveries, far more than previous years.
  3. It was a single day, but, it was that long ago since I did the first license and tests, that it's probably changed. Though, I'm under the impression that license renewal is arrive early on any day, but, for first timers, an appointment might have to be booked. Not sure but, needs checking.
  4. Last president that wanted to buy Greenland was..............Harry S. Truman in 1946. He offered 100 million dollars. Still a ridiculous idea, though.
  5. .....and of course, she doesn't have a phone with a phone number to a black-market lottery.
  6. How to Double Your Money Playing the Lottery. From your pocket, pull out a 100 Bt note. Fold the note in half. Put back in pocket.
  7. If they were building a casino, because they know something, it would have to get a building permit, which would be refused because gambling is still illegal. I haven't seen the land that you're talking about, but, it's much cheaper to have workers living on-site. No transport costs and no rent to pay.
  8. I also have a couple of UK bank accounts. One sterling and one US$. Have had them since 1981. I also have a couple of credit cards that were issued by the same bank and I have always paid the full amount every month. In the year 2000, I was getting my house built and had a cash-flow problem. I applied for a loan that amounted to two months salary, which they could see as a deposited every month. I was turned down. The reason being that I didn't have a credit record. Fiscally responsible people, those that save and pay off their debts immediately have been penalized for years with low interest rates and non-existent credit records. Those that are fiscally irresponsible are welcomed with open arms and are given my savings which the banks make money off. Sad state of affairs.
  9. I've been a foreigner since I was 21, so I'm used to it. In fact, so much so, I don't want to rejoin the herd anymore.
  10. Gambling (except for the lottery) is still illegal in Thailand, so, no casino. Labour camps are temporary, so the size and quality of the land is irrelevant.
  11. Just how long have plums, strawberries and raspberries been tropical fruit?
  12. All temperate fruits. How much for papaya, mangoes, pineapple and mangosteens?
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