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  1. @ubonjoe Ok so just a letter from them you think? How do you declare it and pay tax?
  2. @GeorgeCross I would love to be able to pay tax here as then I would have tax docs that make life easier but as I have no WP I can't.
  3. @ubonjoe yeah it does show it is an FX(Foreign eXchange) transaction. I pointed that out to the IO but she said she needs something to show where the money is coming from. I tried to explain that I have no documentation nor even know how to go about getting anything like that. I am assuming they are asking for something to take the place of the stat decs they used to ask for but I don't know what to do!
  4. OK I have just been to the Nong Khai immigration office to extend my visa based on marriage. I presented all my documents including bank statements showing 80-100k international deposits into a Krungsri account in my name every month for the last 12 months. Now they are requesting a document to say where the money is coming from but as it is coming from a company in Hong Kong (where I am not required to pay tax as I'm not living in Hong Kong) I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any advice here?
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