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  1. I see what this site is about nothing of importance but ridicule all others that ARE NOT like YOU. I wonder how many thai's feel about you posting nonsense about the people here and the ones you are married to not a bar girl or the so called "Educated ones" everyone one of you has nothing to say about yourselves but you are so quick to talk b.s. about people in a country that you are a guest in. Regardless of status, money, etc. have some respect for all regardless of what you may think. This is NOT the UK, USA, China, etc....
  2. Why or who are we to say or tell another what is good? Nothing is good all nonsense to make money nothing more than that. Once you have all the "better" thing whats next to have? There will always be someone trying to do better than the other cause people say it is better..... What a load of nonsense.
  3. No money is not power and control is in the mind. People make it about money. The world and all on it was not made to control. Peoples ideals and thoughts make the world what it is today. People that have the mentality that they are better than another is a illusion nothing more.
  4. Earning? Does not mean better or worse living. People equate living with money. To live does not require money. Money is what is the cause of peoples problems. Wanting more and more.... Rich Guy? I do not know what rich means I understand what society says it means. I am just another person in the world that is living in a world that I had no hand in "creating" Seeking income? I think people all over does not matter Thai or not everyone is seeking money that is a learned behavior. There is no better or worse form of living there is only the illusions of what is better. A man in a jungle outside, a person with out or does not need money is not looking for "better living" He/She does not know what the word means....
  5. To say want better living standards means nothing. What is a "better" living? Why and what are people basing these ideas off of? There is no such thing as better living. Just cause one sees a different way of living does not means it is better or worse. The term "Better Living" comes from people who think they are better off then the rest.
  6. While no one should go hungry and this is how it should be for all. Unfortunately, we live in times where you need money to keep things going and it is what got societies worldwide into these situations where money has to be made. Everything that has been touched by human hands has been monopolized in order to make money. This is why there is not much to this kind of thing out of sight out of mind. People do not want to hear or see what their actions are causing. Starving kids is a worldwide issue that has never and will never be solved to many groups pop up in the name of charity and non profit. These groups still require funding to maintain......
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