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  1. ------ Sinovac Biotech Ltd.’s vaccine is wiping out Covid-19 among health workers in Indonesia, an encouraging sign for the dozens of developing countries reliant on the controversial Chinese shot, which performed far worse than western vaccines in clinical trials. Indonesia tracked 128,290 health workers in capital city Jakarta from January to March and found that the vaccine protected 98% of them from death and 96% from hospitalization as soon as seven days after the second dose ------ So while it's not on par with the best vaccines it's still quite useful.
  2. Typically not anywhere. Once a warrant has been filed the clock stops. Fleeing doesn't change that.
  3. What would you cover them with? A Faraday cage?
  4. Seems likely. Pfizer already has a single-dose booster that in early testing is showing great results against the recent variants.
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