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  1. Just a warning for those of you that have signed up for membership of sites requiring auto-renewal of subscriptions. Before moving to Chiang Mai last year I joined a few sites to learn more about Thailand, including Thaivisa! Two required a subscription of which Internations.com was the most expensive @ US$59.40 It turned out to be just a money making scheme with little interest so I never used it and forgot all about it until the charge came through. Previous experience was that just before renewal was effected the organisation would email warning of the upcoming charge. Not so with Internations, or many others, who leave it all up to you. Checking Google I found there are millions of people who forget about the renewal and find out only when the charge hits their credit card. In my case Internations point blank refuse a refund whilst Retirecheap Thailand were quite understanding and offered full refund which I eventually declined when I learnt that a good portion of the fee is used to support a local orphanage.
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