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  1. Yes we live in a country where the PM has to constantly tell agencies to do the job they get paid for. Unbelievable init but TIT.
  2. thanks. So i guess the hot coolant rushing in from the top hose must attack the rubber o-rings at this point. Unless the after sales rad (from japan) cores are only maybe glued/ resin in.
  3. Sorry I should have said acidic, and that only the top and bottom tanks are plastic, BUT the core of the new rads are an aluminum, the problem occurs where the tubes at the top are fixed with what i do not know (alloy tube to plastic tank) right under the top hose fitting, where the water enters at the highest temp. here is the sticker, i attached to the car, that came with the new radiator.
  4. What ever happened to the buried idea of them making bunk beds, was there a budget paid out for that?
  5. Looks like, They cut off his right hand and only wearing one trouser leg for easy access
  6. Maybe waiting for wind conditions to be OK, or 19:20 was the time they turned up for work.
  7. Ref compression test; almost any car, If it ain't blowing blue smoke and running on all four cylinders, then i would say a compression test is unwarranted. Take it for a road test, floor it, acceleration good or not? when you get back and its nice and hot, check under for fuel/oil/water leaks etc. oil change with synthetic 10,000 klm, non synthetic 5,000. Coolant is a grey area, I put coolant in a plastic radiator which most of them are now, and it started leaking on the top neck hose fitting, research told me the coolant is an acid and this is exactly where it said it would leak, the new ra
  8. Auto pilot Wow amazing worth buying one, would suit people who like a micro sleep then.
  9. Never seen leaves burnt in a forest here, why would they do that? let them rot and feed the land, adding mulch retaining moisture. I think yet another U-turn is on the way.
  10. Will they bother to get locals opinion. God help anyone living within a kilometer of them yapping and barking all day, seems dogs happiness here is put way before any Humans happiness. But charity is a good earner.
  11. Thailand human rights is abysmal. When will the tourist trips to prison start or was that realized as stupid and buried with the rest of stupid ideas
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