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  1. LOL when i went to the real isle of dogs near London there was a sign "WELCOME To The Isle of Dogs" someone had written at the top "YOU ARE--
  2. you are part of the problem they will hang around coz you come and feed them.
  3. Thailand dangerous dogs/, beaches,roads/minibuses.buses,taxi scams,police scams,monk scams,guns, never ending list.
  4. As what,a little Dictator who can't take a bit of criticism,has done zero in reforming the ROYAL Thai police,public officials,and the daily road carnage, and imprisonment of the poor not the wealthy,spending more tax payers money on the army, and 100% guilty of Treason.
  5. Please enlighten me,if they don't register then,when it is made legal for med you may not be eligible to use it T I T
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