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  1. I can't see the reason for such brutality, he didn't try to avoid a check the cop stepped out without warning, could have hit the cop, shame he missed.
  2. So it is clear as mud, apart from not having to do a TM 28, i tried reading the whole immigration post but my eyes began to glaze over Can we now stop the 90 days nonsense please? ridiculous waste of everybody's time.
  3. Was that a marching band rehearsing in the background getting ready for their Pattaya debut ?
  4. As my old dad said " Son if you ever find a robber in this house looking for money ask him if i can have half "
  5. Thailand offering tax breaks, the poorer Thais and some not so poor who don't pay tax get naff all then.
  6. My car has less tint front and back, the sides are darker, OK at night if you have electric windows i simply lower the side windows at junctions if need be and reversing using side mirrors. i think it came from the manufacturer Nissan like that. you can also make the top 10 % of the windscreen darker.
  7. Those that stare at their phones all day have already seen it, which is why the police have issued the warning. My missus who doesn't even stare all day at her phone, showed me this vid a few days ago, the vid is longer and i am still left wondering whether this guy died or not, sure looked like it to me.
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