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  1. Please Read the story He was taken from KOH CHANG (in the province of Trat) that does NOT have an AIRPORT
  2. There was a lot of police cars on Koh Chang around the 5/6th Aug, i live up a small soi and one parked outside my gate for about 15 min, the next day i saw 3or 4 police cars waiting for the 7am ferry. They could have simply gone to his last known address.
  3. Did they leave a 14 yr old alone, or was anybody else there to keep an eye on him ?
  4. I agree it is only a direct family member that can get the body released, no matter how long they have been a partner, so your direct family member who got the body released has the death cert.
  5. At 0.25 a M/C swerves to the opposite side of the road. Was he avoiding the oncoming pick up? OR was the pick up trying to avoid him ?
  6. Do not do that, read my post above. edit; i have just re-read your post if the bank has the land title then the owner has borrowed money on the land beware of that one, it means as far as i know the bank owns the land
  7. This is how we did it. 4steps, 1.Owner got the land office to come and mark out the plot 5,000 (if not already done) 2. Go with the owner and a witness for you preferably some one that can speak good english to translate for you , to the Pu Yi Ban they check the land title, and make a simple contract, where you hand over a small deposit say 100,000 baht photos were taken of handing over the money, 3.then go to the land office with owner and a bank check for the balance hand over the bank check when all has been checked , LO called us when the they had completed the transfer, 4 go back to land office and pay 5% tax, you should then get the land title in your wife's name. take photos of all steps and keep a witness with you. quite easy really. memory has faded a bit but this is about it.
  8. Most people who slip or get washed off hit their head on the rocks and some die before they enter the sea. he was a very lucky guy. STAY OF THE BLACK ROCKS !
  9. This is the proper set up; left concrete, for shower; center plastic, toilet; right concrete, kitchen. 2 mistakes in this was they put shower tank to close to toilet tank and had to cut out some concrete. and the gas pipe was very low so got them to put it up to the eves with a T piece on topthe gas pipe is the one on top.
  10. Not sure if they still have shops but 'Telewise' can find the number, also 'Advise" are quite good with problems like this.
  11. Time to do a drugs raid on that nightclub, i wonder who owns it
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