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  1. sorry if i am wrong but you are both given one . i presume you have a UK bank account ?
  2. lolling on a liver, lolling lolling, lolling, on a liver.......da da da one of my flave[et songs luinged by a Thai singer.
  3. I know but it has given us something to take the pee out of and, ave a bit of a laugh. u tink to mut init. when will we find out if they are pretty or not the truth must out.
  4. and live near that police station. should have hidden number,
  5. well the RTP can do something about the guns if they wanted, but sadly can do nothing about the prettiness of the girls.
  6. I O and many Thais, just can't get their heads around the fact that some people can take half a year off work if they want, maybe by working all hours they can, and that other thing called SAVING money for a long break from work or is it just jealousy. or like me many years ago, work all year without a holiday hand my notice in before Xmas got all the holiday money + the money from the first week money in hand,plus what i had been saving all year and take off on my travels,for as long as i could make the money last, go home and get a new job or in some cases was taken back on.
  7. One bag man, one tried to dress like a copper his trousers were not tight fitting and no police haircut, the other scruffy old jeans.
  8. Nothing unusual here, when i have been to any temple party there are always dancers like this, go for it dude.
  9. How much are firecrackers, beggars the question, maybe a weeks worth of milk.
  10. Rules are; up to whoever serves you even in the same office they have different views, depends on their view of foreigners whether they make it easy or hard.
  11. As they should,sadly some LTO don't aka TRAT. one of the most annoying facts in Thailand govt officers don't know the law for foreigners and so just make it up as they seem fit, is it just to be awkward and pee us off or do they still have a book of rules that is 20 yrs out of date ? the one i saw in Trat looked tattered and old,a bit like me
  12. Probably raid their offices again for reporting a true story. Good to hear their are some still some investigative reporters.
  13. If you are using a legal rental agency in the UK you should also have their monthly statements that might help, but many people don't use one to avoid tax init.
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