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  1. I was living in Thailand for about 6 years. I took several trips in recent years to South Korea.. Malaysia.. Ecuador.. Columbia. Lucky for me I can tell about my experiences now....i wasn't gunned down. Latin America... Dangerous and police at every corner. South Korea... Cold winters. Expensive. I decided to just stay in Thailand.. Better the devil I know. Then I arrived in Indonesia 1 month ago... Bali. Wow. What prompted this post was leaving the airport here in Bali to do a visa run to Singapore. Denpasar Airport is modern.. very friendly staff and immigration people are actually pleasant! The officer scanned my passport... looked at the ONE page where my entry stamp was from 30 days earlier and 30 seconds later... I'm on my way! Leaving BKK I was ALWAYS questioned about my OA visa and they always read my passport like it was a fascinating novel! Idiots. Balinese people are very very friendly... both make and female! They are curious... engaging and thier English in tourist areas is fantastic! Thier knowledge of the "hospitality industry" is excellent.. almost on par with the USA. The wait staff.. wait on me! They ask if I need anything else... Or if I have an issues. I'm in restaurant heaven for SE Asia! 555. I can't rent a motorbike yet because I need a IDL or a local license... No license... No bike rental! Amazing! What a concept. Long term visa options are available... After my Singapore trip I'll have a 60 day visa renewable 4 times inside Indonesia for a total of 6 months. During which time I can apply for 1 year.. Renewable to 5 years. Bali.. Indonesia.. Is a fantastic alternative for those looking for a change from Thailand. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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