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  1. Interesting point of view, but i happen to have TM6, TM28,TM30 and TM47 slip in my passport... so my perspective might differ a bit from yours... The only TM that makes sense is the TM6 anyway... coz it registers when you arrive in Thailand and when you do exit... The TM6 nr is also used in any documents related to immigration paperwork... So; imho, replace the TM6 with a datacard and of you go... you even can ad a travel insurance nr on the datastream to present the card when you go to the hospital... ( pay that fee when you enter Thailand ) For me, this would be a no brainer... keep your datacard up to date and live free of sorrows... But yeah, all those that arrive in Thailand by illegal means, they won't have a card...
  2. It is interesting to read and as confusing as always.... TM6, TM28, TM30, TM47... This one you don't need to have, that one you have to but doesn't concern you... bla bla bla... In this time of electronics... why don't they hand you an electronic card, having all relevant data, the moment you pass the immigration upon entering. This card could then be the only ID required to carry around and all officials should be able to do their jobs... You want to enter hotel ? use this card.. You need change adres ? use the card... 90 day reporting ? guess what... use the card... leave the country ? hand in the card.. you receive a new one upon reentering... The only place where as your card data can be changed is at the Immigration computer... Only real officers can read your data, no more fake cops that try to extort tea money... No more need to cary your passport and all those TM slips around anymore... If you enter Thailand legit, you'l have a legit card... and the ease of only carying that around. Think about the pro's and the ease and ad some of your own idea's... Think solution...
  3. Strange coz the TM6 is direct related to art 37 and the TM30 is related to art 38... makes no sense at all... unless they want to do full tracking... they might consider google or apple to give your phone's position to them... (oops, they do that already)
  4. I do read and follow topics about the TM30 and TM28 issue's and find it amazing / disturbing / cumbersome that the facts and opinions in this matter are both unclear as total mixed up / unknown for Joe average ... and more bothersome, the average Thai person... As i do "wander around" frequently in Thailand, between different provinces and different places to stay/work/visit, imagine the routine and loss off time for all involved, if the current rules are unclear or somewhat mis interpret... In my case it might be nearly impossible to fully comply and following the "enforced rules, by media" makes me prone to be arrested/deported/convicted, depending the news outlets ... So, the big question: What are the factual rules ?
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