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  1. And don’t forget you have to be earning or have a pension of at least £28000 a year. Good luck.
  2. I’ll give you 800,000 baht cash next week for your condo, and chance being done.
  3. So the house is only worth the pittance most Falangs pay to have them built if they’re lucky
  4. Sell your condo you’ve got more chance of a tax rebate. Thousands of condos they can’t give away on agents books.
  5. I think you’re the one that’s paranoid. Keep you hooter out at let it play out.
  6. Can you imagine going to that world class resort for the first time on a months vacation during this month, would you ever bother again. The lunatics are running the asylum again no wonder the place is deserted
  7. Fill your water bottle with Gin order tonic with ice and lemon, add Gin as required nice cheap evening watching the sport in your local bar. Simple.
  8. Of course more than one attacked him it’s par for the course for the little shits, small cock syndrome ask any Thai woman.
  9. Nowt wrong with beer Lao lad. But suspect a pint of Tetley’s Bitter would put most Yanks under the table. Stick with the fiss water lad.
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