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  1. China will not exist in 5yrs time, the rest of the world including Russia will nuke them off the planet as a revenge for their deliberate attempt at germ warfare.
  2. Of course you will have to pay for quarantine, this mob wouldn’t give you the drippings of their nose. Gimme Gimme Gimme
  3. I signed in at Big C as Tess Tickle, at Tesco as Eva Vestoff, at Macro as Ivor Biggun and Boots as H. Dumpty.
  4. And you believe those figures, you must be a bigger dipstick than the people spouting them. Well we all know the Thais are the most truthful superior beings on the planet
  5. Well I understand her and I speak perfect Queens English. Innit.
  6. Nor has Thailand they can’t lie straight in bed. Single figures my ar*e
  7. I think she did OK, but as my Thai Lady friend says farang should not try to speak Thai ( cannot do ) and those dipsticks who think they can are generally getting the mickey taken out of them behind their backs.
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