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  1. Gay boy out up to no good approached the wrong guy and got a smack in the ear for his trouble. My theory
  2. Waste of time and money they can speak English because they're thick as pig s@#t.
  3. He could get instant promotion to Rear Admiral
  4. More time for the morons to spend borrowed money they don’t have and of course more time to kill each other, let the halfwits get on with it I’ll be back in a land of sanity.
  5. Nothing to do with the Coronavirus, Tourist have wised up over last 10yrs to the Racist, lying, thieving, conning, violent, unwelcoming people who inhabit this country Thailand
  6. Well the car is definitely going to be smarter that the operators because the whole nation hasn't got a brain the size of a pea between them
  7. Leaving Chang Mai. For bad air quality and substituting it for foul smelling drains of Pattaya why ?
  8. You were dead lucky, because they’ve all got breath like a Rhino’s fart.
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