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  1. No, i failed with 47 points because i couldnt sing the anthems. there were 5 people in my interview, So i believe they decide about everything.. it took 5-6 min for me because they understood that my thai is ok. also they asked me if i can read and write thai, i told them i cannot but im learning it.. So they showed me something to read, which i couldnt. Actually i just remembered that someone at the office told me things might be little bit different for me because of my military background. And also my wife is very high government employee. I dont know its true or not but my proce
  2. yes that test is multiple choice. Its about thailand. i think around 10-12 questions. At the police station its only application and some documents such as copy of your passport.
  3. they have other type of scoring if your working here. Its base on your income and work. So the scores goes to your work, education area from marriage area. For example if you have 5 years yellow book its 5 pts. this 5 points goes to your income. Of course having a thai wife makes it easier.
  4. yes, my interview and the singing part were not in the same day. If i remember correctly I already had 47 points at that time (thats what they told me) And they said they will do the singing in 3-4 days they need to arrange few things before the anthem part. and he told me i can get more than 50 for sure, which he has no idea about i have no intentions to sing the anthems. there was 3 days between interview and anthems. This was i think 4-5 yrs ago
  5. Well everything is up to the points you get for sure.. But its also the decision of a committee around 5 people. I would imagine they wont let you pass without speaking at least daily level of thai language. Well tbh i wouldnt. I think thats why language part has high scores if you checked my scoring list, its 8 pts by itself.
  6. They do interview. Because the interview also adds score to you. Singing and interview were not in the same day for me. When they invited me again for the singing part i told them i cannot sing and gave them my reason. They told just to be there in any case. I went there and i waited my turn with other 4 people. 2 of them also couldnt sing + me. 1 sang it and actually he did a good job.
  7. sorry about that well, first they start with basic, asking you to introduce yourself and tell a lil about yourself.. Then they ask some questions, why you want to be a thai, do you often do donations... etc. if your thai is ok, they let you go in 5 min. If not they ask more questions... for the level.. I would say they are looking for somethin between intermediate level and high level.
  8. yes it is ok happened to one of my friends. They kinda little complained about that just because as Ubon mentioned they were lazy to stamp carefully.. but its not against rules to go there with 1 page.
  9. hi, yes im working in thailand for a military company and yes have income. for me the most difficult part was singing. well.. i know its funny but i jsut cannot sing any song. And there are 30 random thai people sitting in front of you and they give you a mic and suddenly music starts... 555555 was a full nightmare for me 555 i failed with the score of 46. i cannot sing.. cannot write and read thai. But i can speak fluently both Thai and Esan
  10. @jaiyenyen Sorry i did some edits on my post.. maybe you can read again.. thanks
  11. Hi again, I heard that too, i mean no singing if your married to a thai. But if you read the item list, its still there even if your married to a thai. So, im not 100% sure. About reading, writing and speaking thai.. Well they all have points. 5 per each. But these tests wont happen like soon.. so actually you can practice your speaking. for example i can speak fluent thai and esan but no hope about writing and reading. the whole process will take probably 3 years. In this 3 years now im not sure but i believe they will give you kinda special visa telling your applied for citizenshi
  12. seems to me they are changing their stamp style, thats all
  13. my suggestion would be to read the requirements carefully, because you dont need to do some of them. Of course all up to your score. Every item in the list has a score. And total of 50 from 100 will give you the citizenship. For example; if you are already 50 the last 2 items in the list are singing the national anthem and the royal song.. Well if you are already 50 just skip them. That both total is 10 points (5+5). I would skipped them because its like there will be 30 thai people listening to you. Scary for me. But of course you can skip other items which you dont want to do or cant.
  14. 2 things : a) use agency; if you dont have enough money or else. OR if you dont want any headache from immigration which you will for sure. OR if you want a comfy visa. b) do it by yourself if you can. Better but lot of headaches to do
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