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  1. Everyone should pay for the visa fee... So yes i will.. sadly lol i believe its 1600 baht
  2. yes this one. Thanks for the info. So its safe to go there and come back in the same day.
  3. Hi guys, I have NON-O and yes leave the country and come back the same day every 90 days. So this time im planning to go to Chang Cham and come back the same day. As you know other Cambodia-Thai borders dont let you to do 90 days like other borders. So my question is, do we have any info about this border. Will there be any problems for me if i go there cross to cambodia and come back to thailand the same day? I believe i have to pay 300 baht extra due to the law in cambodia which says you must stay 1 night or 300 baht. Im ok with that but like i said i want to know if there will be a problem or not, can go and come back the same day... Also, did i write the border name correct? thanks
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