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  1. Yes, she went to immigration and they gave her 19 days and told her they will give her another 60 days after 19 days. They also told her no need to do any paper work.
  2. well ok then. And yes thats 1 of the reasons im not using shopee. So far lazada works great. Although not often but sometimes delivery guys are throwing things to my garage if im not at home.
  3. With full respect... you spent 10mil for shoping online but couldnt find someone can speak fully thai?
  4. Hi, dont even go to the website. These are all fake and scam sites. They say 20k for the training or likewise but then when you get into the price will get high as much as they can, There is this brit guy doing this and you can see his ad almost in every youtube video, he lives in northern cyprus.. and telling people how to make money sitting on your sofa. When you go to his website it says training fee which is very low. then when you start to talk with people and if they understand your being serious, the price goes up to 30.000 POUND! and yes im serious. go check by yourself if you no
  5. Hi, Well as many mentioned or will, you shouldnt give your workpermit to your employer. That was a mistake. Also from what your telling us it is very obvious that your very new to thailand. unfortunately working as a teacher in thailand is not that great as many youtubers or some other people keep telling. You will be threated like a dog in many schools and yes including some famous ones. I can understand that your working in a small village or small school. So my 14-15 yrs of experience in thailand and teaching at some universities for 2-3 yrs. would be, be ready for these kind of s
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