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  1. Its really pot luck which immigration office you go to as mine IO gave me a choice, they said you can extend your Non O by 60 days or the 12 month extension before sept 26. Of course I will try the 1 year extension and if denied as Im doing the 40k 2 monthly transfers from abroad method, I will do the 60 day option they gave me which will buy me some time.
  2. Another sad pathetic excuse of a Thai parent that cant discipline her own child and wants the school to do it for her.
  3. From my understanding is that those who will still be stuck in Thailand after Sept 26 will need an a letter from their embassy explaining why they cant go home, be it medical, flight cancellation, home country boarder closer etc. will get a further 30 day extension by Thai immigration.
  4. I know Thais LOVE to gamble and care about price and money before any logic sense come to play, but buying a car without test driving it first and having a mechanic inspect it sounds pretty dumb to me.
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