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  1. Up to you. But what others do is similarly up to them and none of your business.
  2. Well that last part is only alleged. No proof only spoof videos put out by ? yes youv'e guessed it, the Americans. The same ones that just killed a large sea bird claiming it was an Iranian drone.
  3. That blimp is like Boris, full of nothing but gas.
  4. As I said nonsense. If you can not undertsand what I was talking about, i.e direct English translations of extracts from Thai law, then stop commenting and posting third party articles.
  5. But they are Red Indians, not Indians from India, but a good laugh anyway. Did it rain afterwards by the way ?
  6. By the looks of Apirat he would be more interested in you licking his butt than just simply kissing it
  7. If that puddle pisser is an example of the 2000 wells they claimed to have sunk it is going to take decades, even centuries to replace the millions of cubic meters of water missing due to the poor rainfall in the last 3 months alone - who are they kidding ?
  8. Brainwashing has been endemic in the Thai education system since the major curriculum reform in 1952
  9. The guy in the middle should share some of his hair with the guy to his left before the photos or was this not really about observing the drought conditions, more like attempting to achieve a new "Guinness Book of Records" of getting the most photographers in one room ?
  10. But no worries anyway as I have every confidence that Thailand, being the "Hub of medical cures" will soon come up with an answer if Ebola ever did reach these shores. Quite how their "disease prevention measures", a good solid preventative system, will actually address prevention by the many thousands of regular illegal, unrecorded immigrants from Myanamar, Laos and Cambodia is not addressed however.
  11. Its that Thais just have a higher percentage kill rate proving that the lower the IQ the higher the accident rates. But this thread is not about how badly Thais drive it is about the M-B pick-up truck seen in Thailand. It is a grey import as it is not officially on sale in Thailand. At 4 million baht I think I would be looking at many other vehicles rather than an agricultural truck. Then of course you have the issue that M-B franchised dealers do not undertake M-B approved servicing on grey imported vehicles since 2012
  12. We can't have the Elite and others who hold major shareholdings in Thai businesses allowing their surfs to get paid nearer a survival income can we ? That will never do.
  13. This mentally challenged person should stay out of politics. In fact he should stay out of everything.
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