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  1. They cant stop the burning of farms, forest and public land. How will they enforce this? I was hoping marijuana was going to be decriminilised at some point but how am i going to smoke it now? I dont want oils and such. Im old school!!
  2. Scamming the last remaining foreigners to get the out so the government can get a better grip on the masses perhaps? Pesky foreigners ask too many questions! I have an illness not fixed after paying millions here due to negligence. My life will be cut short and you dont hear me pissing and moaning. This insurance rubbish is just an other scam that thais are known for. I wont get coverage because of thai negligence so what the fk can i do. I wouldn't pay it anyway. I will move out and take my non scamming, educated, non xenophobic thai family with me. The question does arise though. How in hell do you skip out on a hospital bill? Hospitals have all passport info right? How could they leave the country. I think this is absolute rubbish, fake news to scam foreigners. Always blaming foreigners!! This attitude has made a good majority of thais so dam racist and they believe this rubbish. And they wonder why tourism is dropping. Clearly, they dont care!!
  3. Can they not use the name "police". Police protect the citizens, fight crime and such.. Thai police are more like a really lazy, failing due to greed, mafia organisation.
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