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  1. unamazedloso

    Two killed in deadly sedan-pickup collision

    not far from where i used to live. Out of interest where can one see daily fatality numbers? Curious to see if there was a drop from the 7 days of dumbness. According to cnn it's only a couple more deaths than everyother day. And as we all know reporting of such might be a little diferent than reality on a normal day. Just wandering why the stupid road side stops with free stuff for the seven days of dumbness dont permanently exist. Its great to see people in official uniforms have to sweat it out in the pollution instead of aircon buildings headbutting eachother or whatever they do in there.
  2. unamazedloso

    Yingluck claims she has washed hands off politics

    Yeh shes a pig but better than the pigs at the trough now. I guess i could say that about anyone though and it would still be true. Good to see the chinese will employ a criminal. Best feed them more free meals and airport lanes then!
  3. no kids should suffer. But, come on... No one here has the abilty to do anything about anything.... Soidog reg then no soi sog reg, no ride in ute tray now can.....etc, etc... Stupid country needs to do something about EVRYTHING! Stop letting the police be mediaters that encourage people to pay money to victims so they dont have to work or be witness and such in court. That is the first step. But what do i know.....
  4. Do i have to get tough cuz nonone else will. That said its the same dam traffic. The addition of sugarcane burning season is the reason its out of control. Why not fine them. Oh maybe because pollution causes brain damage and we cant have intelligent citizen's!!!! Hmm, its all now starting to make sense.. Dam I shouldnt have worn a mask. I hear ignorance is bliss!
  5. kittipop?. how they hell could you be fooled by some idiot with a name like that.
  6. unamazedloso

    The night they raided the '56' in Bangkok

    Buddhists dont take drugs. Oh wait.....
  7. headaches for officials? who do you think sold the land in the firstplace! Its happened to me. My wife is now having to put land in sorkapor. We were sold tax document type land. Turns out afrer investigating its army and public land... So to protect ourselves and regretably the mayor in the process who sold us the land we have to convert to sorkapor and are forced to farm and only pass land to children or blood relative. Corrupt pcs of sht... That said we are the only farmers around. Everyone else is only engaging in illegal activity to survive while renting out there land to other farmers not from the area which is also illegal. And who cares? no one... Who will lose everything? My family cuz im a big dk, educated, rich farang!
  8. just start blowing stuff up in bkk already please ppl... youll never over throw an army government unless your true thais who love their country act. Im sick of hearing how good thailand is so lets see people go about fixing it already. im sick of seeing the stooges on my phone.
  9. thais are slow to realize they are nothing more than stupid peasants in the eye of the government that thinks they arent smart enough to topple a government. I believe that... Piss and moan with stupid illegal banners but it will do nothing. Thais should blame themselves for letting this happen. Governments got more usless tanks now that are only good for crowd control in the 21st century. Thailands destroyed already. Its a Thais, greed, culture, etc that is to blame. The viscous circle of corrupt oppressing governments will end up being just one in my mind for a very long time... Hope im wrong.
  10. unamazedloso

    REPORT: Let’s nail down SMOG CAUSES

    All rubbish. Blame Cambodia? I live in Kanchanaburi. Same time as Bkk is effected more than usual is the same time all the brain dead morons set fire to sugarcane fields and forests or even just burn grass cuz there too cheap to cut it. The sugarcane burning is a massive health risk with the addition of chemicals being burnt. Why is no body mentioning this as a major contributor. Ive been in thailand and lived all over for a very long tine and it doesnt take a genius to work out whats the tipping point cause for bkk being unbearable.. I have a pm2.5 moniter in my house and outside monotiring 24/7. Sorry people. The major contributor is LAZY FARMERS! AND A GOVERNMENT AND OFFICIALS SO LAZY AND DUM ITS CRIMINAL..
  11. stupid teachers at my sons school also in kanchanaburi keep cutting my sons hair. Had to take my son back to my home country with him looking like a peasant. Was pretty embarassing. My wife did some digging and apparently theteachers arent allowed to touch the kids at all and they cant force it but they never stop, don't care, no rules enforced..
  12. unamazedloso

    Air pollution alert for Friday

    50micrograms is safe. Wow, from what i h derstand no measure is safe but due to people wanting to have some reference point 15 and 30 have been mentioned in other countries as ok. Lucky Thais get 50....
  13. Pollution kills. Government recklessly mask it with spraying usless water that only shows better results for a short moment in the area and the constant checkingnof exhausts of traffic that exists everyother day whilst no one is stopping the burning of farms. Is it because an elections coming? Or the greedy pricks want those huge taxes on elec vehicles. Government should be held accountable for the murder of its citizens!! UN needs to intervene. Citizens are desperate. Where i am its 328 pm2.5 right now. Been hosing black snow (burnt sugar cane) from cars, roof of house, etc since 4am. My neighbours are so ignorant and dum they all think its time to burn more and are bringing rubbish in to the area to burn. Dont want to upset the lazy farmers so let the killing of innocent citizens continue. Stupid unelected government pigs!!!
  14. Police are nicer than i am. He would have commit suicide in that shack with nothing more than my thumb and index finger wrapped around this anorexic <deleted> neck. I would enjoy it. Can i get a work permit for this kind of work? I'll volunteer?.
  15. jesus. let the guy go. Hes harmless. Can i get some of that stupid smile tom yum? Um, i have a condition where i feel a little somethings missing... Can i get a script for that?