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  1. Ouch! I have havent had a lot of experience with fireworks but bought some for new year and placed them directly on my roof and lit them through a man hole cover and then ducked down and waited for the booms. I have a modified shipping container house and its tough but the violent shake and sound was insane. The power is pretty intense. Why are they even able to purchased is my question. Anyone could fill a ballon with ballbearings, nails with one of these in the middle. Would do serious damage. Ive got 6left. Wondering if they are good soi dog deterrents...
  2. we dont need f1. Already here on every public road through out thailand. Just got back from another race to school and back. Im undefeated!
  3. I prefer a monkey holding a baby rattle in a nappy. No one cares about my vote but we all know it would be a better candidate!
  4. <removed> Constantly i try to engadge in thai and im not listened to. Even my family. Even my wife and kids act like im speaking another language. I have even recorded myself to figure out if im like a pathetic singer on american idol that think they can sing but clearly cant. But nope its fluent. So i play ignorant and barely bother to chitchat. Not a problem as i wouldn't learn nothing anyway and im not really much of a people person.
  5. 50% is that a safe bet? doesnt get better than that! Way to shun responsabilty of being a professional.
  6. im pro drugs having been a user of basically everything and dealer of most. However with my experience with all of them i have to say Legalize marijuana only! Heroin is about the only drug that wont cause long term effects if it doesnt kill you. Killed my girlfreind while in my arms... The rest if your lucky you'll die early of cancer. Never legalize meth or youll have a complete society breakdown. Thats my 2cents to the commenters...
  7. so its 4000 farmers that die per year on average from these chemicals. The stats only cover those registered as farmers apparently so i would hate to speculate actual numbers but thats at 8-12k depending on if they do what they say even though they will wait the full 3yrs not 2 and hope all is forgotten. Where i live the local officials dont care about this and the pm2.5issue. They actually encourage it and funnily enough the people using the chemicals and doing the burning are not locals. They rent up all the land for sugarcane at just 1000b per rai, deplete underground water and contaminate it, take all nutrients from the dirt, hire local kids to spray the chemicals and because the government pricks are those renting out land and tractors, etc they do nothing when complaints are made. Everynight at the moment complaints are made to a taskforce to stop burning and its always the same. They contact the mayor to sort it out and nothings done. Every other town around here does something though. What i find amazing is that these officials attend all the funarals of locals that have had there lives shortened. If it was a level playing field i would take all the officials lives to protect the innocent but thats me. Im white... I sometimes ponder if ther was no international eyes this country would have no qualms about riding its pesky questioning and overall annoying types. I guess thats pretty obvious though.
  8. ban driving? Would be smarter. I dont drink anymore so couldnt careless or what about banning New Year? Who cares anyway? Idiots cant stop illegal burning and in my local area they actually seem to be encouraging it. More substanceless words from lazy childish minds trying to play grown ups but all fighting to wear the dress.
  9. the guy that was hit. Was that his bike parked to the left or was it parked there to block the path a little more?. Douche looked like he was trying to be hit. No sympathy. Yep, thais have no morals, empathy, yada, yada.. This is what happens when tlyour brought up without discipline. You learn nothing and therefore know nothing but have a whopping ego that can say otherwise. This stupidity will never stop. Thais need to drop the charade and listen if they want to better the lives of thais because thais cant do it. Prove me wrong!
  10. im a farmer. i dont use the stuff. All my neighbours do but dont worry all the feilds are on fire so the country can breath in a little taste of paraquat! Its all about money and laziness. My neighbours are frightened to light there sugarcane on fire but instead of plowing the leftover plant material back in to the dirt which is a GOOD thing to do they are waiting for a time to light it so they dont get in trouble. Same thing woth weeds. Just plow it. A little by hand if needed but with sugar cane if they leave the stuff they usually burn right on top which they can do for 3years in a row before a replant it limits the amount of weeds that can grow. On out farm we cover the ground in cut grass and bamboo leaves, banana leaves and weeds. Reduces the need for wate rand over time makes the soil good again.
  11. provocative move suspending a tv station dont you think?
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