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  1. Can die for his country? If he did that 5 yrs ago life would be great. Less people would have lost there lifes, jobs, people forced to stay home whilst army controlled the streets, etc.. and for what? No one wanted him, no one even knew who he was nor cared. Him and McFatty are the only ones idolising each other.
  2. temperature, pressure, wind etc. It will hang on a colder morning and dissapear later in the day being the hotter part of the day. The hotter the burning the less pollution. Burning at night is much worse. We have 149pm2.5 in kanchanaburi today. Big sugarcane fields and vegetable fields are currently burning. Like i said on another thread i battled wild fires on public land for just over 4hours completely alone 2 days ago lit by local officials that like to sell bamboo and this is done during a ban. The fire truck came out twice and wouldnt go in the jungle. Yeh, let the farang do all the hard work because greedy yocals want bamboo. (also illegal to take for selling)... This could be a world news story. I tell you i almost jumped out of the tractor and ran at one point but was trapped too much so just plowed through the trees and fire in the hopes i would make it out. pretty scary stuff. Local orbator, officials etc... idiots! They dont care about Thais, Thailand or the enviroment globally. Wastes of space and oxygen and destroying the planet for everyone yet dont ever dare complain about the negligence or these pricks will try burn down your house thats now happened 2times to us. Im not a pussy though and will take care of anything they try for the good of mankind!! (couple trophies pls?)..
  3. Its polluted everywhere to some extent. The only place ive lived and never had pollution worries was rawai and khaolak. ive lived in 9 other provinces and they all suck. I lived in bkk which is always talked about and cm for just a year but kanchanaburi where i am now is by far the worst ive seen and dont believe the online reporting. Make sure youve got your own pm2.5 counter! i was out side fighting fires yesterday alone with no help from orbator or anyone. Fires lit in public land by government officials because of their greed to take bamboo to sell, ferment, etc.. I saved my farm and about 15-20rai was lost. I fought the fires for 4hours alone with not even one another local contemplating picking up a bucket so my house wouldnt burn. fn pricks! Burning anything is illegal at the moment but not here really. People are calling for assistance everyday and no one is doing anything. Its all a sham...
  4. ive had one massage here in the decades ive been here. It was a thai massage and the women was up on the table and using here feet to massage my legs. She slipped and kicked me in the balls! I can't for the life of me know if it was intentional or not. She kept peeking under my towel thing. I wasnt after a happy ending it was a gift from the then girlfriend in a nice flashy super expensive place so wasnt even sure if it was appropriate to question. little regretful now but she didnt have to kick me in the dam balls for being a stick in the mud.. I walked out sore bruised and a little crooked but the worst was that i was completely covered in oil. I didnt get it then and i dont get it still. I think massages are for people that don't need them...
  5. Ok so my neighbours yesterday set fire to land behind my house. The fire truck wouldnt go in because they didnt want to scratch the truck. Serious! I fought massive fires for just over 4hours all by myself on a mini tractor with water tank trailer and a pump i got just as a precationary measure because my neighbours would love to burn my house down. Not one neighbour picked up a bucket and offered to help, orbator, mayor, etc did nothing... We know who lit the fires but no one will ever be arrested. Should maybe post videos and picks to tv or local news i reckon. Thais dont give a hoot about thai ppl or their country in general. Maybe that great % of people dont live where we do? If i could vote it would be enviro also. Pm2.5 is rarely under 100 here where we are. Maybe just a few days a year.
  6. so the new theory is rainfall is less when the air is polluted! Something i had been pondering for decades and sure enough there is some truth to it. Farmers piss and moan about not enough water and wanting to burn everything at the same time. Stop polluting and stop wasting water!!!!
  7. Weve all discussed stuff. I discuss such things with my wife frequently but why dont my discussions end up as news? I think it would have equal effect. Its Time to enforce stuff too perhaps?
  8. Omg its the end as we know it!! oh wait, i dont drink. Oh maybe becsuse in not a brit. Ive learnt a lot today..
  9. not your faultIts not your fault. Its not you fault. The law states no dogs are allowed to roam free unattended. You should have kept going. That is the thai way. Being a foreigner no matter how descent you think you maybe when there is an issue you are the enemy. Offer nothing and tell them to take you to court. If it were me i would ask them for damages in return and actually process a court hearing for which it would never get that far. Dont let the police try and negotiate money for the dog owner. Ask for legal assistance if needed. They now have to supply a lawyer but police are ignorant, dont know laws so just twiddle thumbs and play ignorant. You did nothing wrong. Ive killed many and my neighbours have killed mine. Ive never got a cent from dogs killing my dogs on my property, etc so why should this scum. Yeh in Aus if it happened the owner would be in trouble. Makes sense but i guess thats the diference between a civilized society and a zoo.
  10. They comprised 48,037 respiratory-disorder patients, 38,857 heart and coronary-artery disease patients, 2,661 with eye i nflammation and 1,627 people with inflamed skin. and yet local officials do nothing but talk... where i live in kanchanaburi not one official has actually done anything. People are reporting illegal fires, heading out in the middle of the night to get gps, photos and video and passing it on to a task force to do something but all they do is call orbator and they are the most corrupt brain dead usless morons on the planet. Nothing ever gets done from that point and never will. Theyshould be chatged with human rights abuses. Its a human right to breath clean air. Im a bit of a science nut and subscribe to differnt things and one study over a few years has been decreasing rainfall in poluted areas. Yep, its now fact. Its disgusting to see the same useless brain dead farmers that burn everything are also complaining they never have enough water. Wonder why.... And another thing why are cities important. The town im in has a higher pm than cm all year round! good to see prayut has really showed the people that he cares and done what hes always done. Nothing...
  11. why doesn't this country look at something other than stealing foreign money like perhaps manufacture something using thai labor?.. No one with half a brain that doesn't have a wife, husband or kids here would want to retiree here. I dont think the air is clean enough for the oldies even the indian variety that know a thing or 2 about pollution.
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