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  1. 20 hours ago, lust said:

    Aerox and Nmax have oil problems. Many come through my friend’s shop in need of new pistons. 


    I would argue that they have better performance, but less reliability than the pcx.


    As a retired performance mechanic thats made and exported race parts world wide for both brands i can tell you the above pic doesnt tell the whole story. You will get skirt scores as the rings fail but this is probably a badly fitted big bore kit and nothing more than not oiling up the rings and cylinder unless they used grease scrapped off the beach dropped from a boat combined with a leaky headgasket letting coolant run free and a broken valve spring? Would be interesting to see the whole piston. With no oil and a normal person owning/riding it the bike will die or purposely be checked long before a piston can look like that. Breaking a piston is far easier to emulate than that type of damage. No oil issues will show scores on the skirt and atleast the oil rings would have failed and letting oil through but not like that.

    My 2cents.. both makes are cheap rubbish people! Buy them, use them, replace!! Thats all they are good for unless your profiting from these things. I mainly worked with hondas because thats where the main market is because there is a lot of trust in hondas but this trust shouldn't extend to these stupid bikes. If i had to say whats better in reality its yamaha. Better performing engines. More bang (if thats appropriate) for your buck! 

    I say this because i have made many a big bore, stroker crank, bigger valve heads for many local yamahas and always had success however in reality they are all just as good as each other. I aint biased, i own heaps of different makes..

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  2. What a load of rubbish!! My son is in grade 3 and his level of education is lacking. My wife especially has to sit with him daily to do what the teachers arent doing. My son is top % of the class but can barely read yet.

    Why in hell will they need to code? I learnt a bit in high school when computers just came out and taught myself a bit after the school years and have many programmers in my family who i talked to about this and they all agree this is government lunacy in the hopes of creating future hackers. Little do they know hacking doesnt necessarily need coding ability at all anymore. Most hacking is done with fake emails, fake imitating sites and such. You can download many ready made codes for use in websites where codes can be used. Any web designer can do it and now with diy site makers no one even needs to learn code at all to still make sites and paste in code.

    Thats fact!

  3. Yep, excercise everyday and decided this year its out with the stupid ugly teenager slob cloths i tended to buy because its all that fit my height and width and bought up all new cloths for my old self. However im now growing a proper beard just because i can and its still fashionable which technically i couldnt care to be fashionable or not. Big change in acceptance from women, people are nicer and i feel better. Wish i had done it 10or so years ago.

    Nothing unmanly about looking after yourself especially when your fitter, stronger and dripping in testosterone. Lol

    Chicks dig it! Pity im married and a good guy....

  4. Lol, my local cop friended my wife so i friended him as you do. He then was starting to stalk our friends and like and love sexy pics and such. The guys a douche what can i say but he did like my 0-300kph runs on the big bike and all the other highly illegal stuff i wont mention. Had to delete and block him though as it was becoming real embarassing to descent normal friends🤣😂

    He had 5k friends and all little girls. Yeh, i reckon he shouldnt be a cop. Best not to hide who these people are. Spozd to b protecting the citizens but they are just all corrupt usless scum.

  5. More accidents and deaths is relevant to the rise in purchases, also population growth as well as stupidity.

    There is way too many people that never learnt to ride properly. Scooters are not bikes!

    I learnt to ride dirt bikes and race at the age of 8 and have ever since in all forms. I was taught very early that to gain control is to get out of control first and that total confidence should never be achieved because every ride will throw a new learning curve. Common sense needs to be taught AND learnt!

    Thais jump on scooters as kids with no common sense instilled and the scooter isn't a bike that allows one to learn to ride properly, its a scooter! Underpowered, auto, backwards physics everything... 


    This talk of different licensing is an absolute waste of time. The problem here is the riders not the size of the bike. 2wheels is 2 wheels.


    Thai roads suck but people need to take responsibility. Im a 300km on thai roads nut but am well aware of all possabilities that things go wrong and i also check and maintain my own bikes so i know them personally. If i have a horrific accident its because i screwed up. Even if some douche turns in front of me thats happened countless times....

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