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  1. Oh well, he will do his time and head back to the US and really stuff things up for this hotel. Hotel should probably have thought this through. It's going to look a lot worse for them in the future because they took action. They could have shown proof to trip advisor which they themselves could see from the IP addresses and had the reviews removed. 

    Self entitled yanks vs self entitled thais. Disaster waiting to happen!!

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  2. So why are all my farming neighbors dropping dead from weird cancers? 

    There is also proof it makes frogs gay! Wonder what it's doing to humans really...

    Fact is I'm a farmer, don't use any chemcials and dont need them.

    We used to have bees until the field next to us started planting sugarcane and spraying. They all died!

    I haven't seen any concern for farmers health at all. I have had to take almost dead neighbours to hospital in the middle of the night because these people have no one that cares. Hospital staff admit these chemicals are most likely causing my neighbours cancers.

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  3.  so i will have 3 licenses now and my wife, none! 🤣🤣

    this is stupid. motorcycles are motorcycles. Im sure the ratio of scooter deaths out weigh big bikes so the real problem is law enforcment and social issues like stupidity. 

    all thais need to be retested for car licenses also. They are getting worse!!

    Anyway, what about electric bikes? they aint got displacement... 

  4. They have like a gazillion people working for them that dont need to be there. Someones gotta pay them and they like to act like they have a 1st class service to the customers. makes me sick and i dont get it. For this reason i wont buy another Toyota. If i buy a car i dont need phone calls to talk about every couple months.

    They dont even offer better engine options or models of interest to me. They suck!!

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