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  1. 17 hours ago, CLW said:

    Please come out of your cave or from under your rock. Chinese cars / manufacturers are on par with western standards now. I have insights in this business and a lot of parts and components, if not whole cars, are now being produced in China by Chinese companies.

    Like it or not, China is automobile market number 1. India will be next.

    I know first hand about chinese quality. You dont need to make an assumption. I ran a biz with branches around the world for the last 20yrs making specialised racing parts for motorcyles. All problems we faced always came from chinese rubbish. Bad graded steels or not properly harderned steels, bad alluminium castings, etc. Thankfully im happy and retired. I wont ever own a chinese vehicle again and yes i have owned many and even been given free motorcyles. No, i dont have first hand knowledge of great walls quality but know people owning them and there stories. 

    You buy one and tell me how it is in 6months😉 

  2. 13 hours ago, snowgard said:

    Looks like you know absolutly NOTHING about the chinese car builders. Better you do a research before you post nonsense like this. It's time to learn something new!!!

    I'm not surprised if they are the market leaders in 5 years. 😉 

    And you know what exactly? I aint owned one of these but a neighbor in my home country bought one as a farm vehicle. Was rubbish he got a deal on a new one and also just rubbish. 

    I know chinese quality as i ran a manufacturer biz of racing motorcycle parts worldwide. Im a qualified mech and machinist as were my employees and branches around the world. I was importing container loads of chinese components for years until my retirement just last year. Lets just say the only dramas we ever faced as a biz was chinese components. Never what they were to be like causing continuous failures and along with this selling my designed stuff behind my back to competitors. Sure, i dont know everything there is about great wall but from my experience i will never buy a chinese vehicle cuz i value my families safety. China dont!

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