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  1. maybe a little irrelevant here but for those getting O-spouse from Aus you now need 8k (aud) funds in an Aus bank account. Not a major amount but never been required before!!!!

    i always show an aus account i use in Thai and it never has very much in it so had to put more funds in last minute. I had always assumed the need was to show you have an Aus account like a form of identification or atleast thats how it was explained to me years ago but clearly not.

    Also the visa costs gone up to $300aud

  2. They expect an increase in elderly here? Are they insane??

    Im 41 been here for over half my life and no way in hell will i be here at 50. 

    Took a bit of time to see with my own eyes how evil thai mentality is regardless of the stories but yep, they are all true and much worse. My 2 cents would be go else where to retire even if its not ideal. Better to get depressed and commit suicide of your own accord than have someone fake it on your behalf. Just saying.... 

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  3. What the hell is a luxury tax anyway? I live like sht, not rich yet have been paying luxury taxes on idiodic things for decades and what do i have to show for it? I cant afford true luxury items, full stop. 

    Seems people are forced to buy fakes because brand names are so expensive but wouldnt hold your breath. I expect a story tomorrow where taxes are going up. Sure, there is so many more useless things the government needs.

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  4. Just ban them already!! Proof is obvious to those that live amoungst the sprayers. Its frightening how ruthless these idiots are also, even after all the references they still spray. My neighbours went out today after the rains to spray again. The chemicals are in the ground/bore water and everyone is showering with it and some even drink. Its insanity.

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