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  1. i used to pick up rubbish, fix holes in the road, fit peoples water pipes, dig drainage and basicallly help out with everything. I nolonger do so because local officials tried to have me deported. Police, gov officials and local people all got together to get rid of my family and why? Because they feel we think we are better because we would do these things. Let that be a lesson to all. Do nothing for thais until things change. I say light more fires, faster speed zones, military drug dealing governments, etc. I'll sit around and enjoy the show.

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  2. pm2.5 is 257 right now where i am in kanchanaburi. With masks on its still vertually impossible to breath.

    Local Govs do nothing and it always seems that news report much lower measures than it is and kanchanaburi for example is rarely talked about but it makes chiangmai look great. More people need pm2.5 devices to see whats really going on here. Officials are lying and blaming everything else but the root causes. They should be held accountable!!!!

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  3. Wow so much negative comments. The answer is simple as to why you see so many working. The parents  are usually lazy, like to bully and be controlling and also they like to keep family close for there own selfish but at the same time financial security. Those kids will end up in there 50s in the same crappy house doing the same crappy thing to there kids.

    I agree though with the op ita weird but i get it. My personal opinion is that any kids under say 13-14 shouldnt be doing any such work. That said the mentality of a lot of parents is that of a 3yr old.

    I left school as soon as i was old enough and worked full time and ran my own business from the age of 18.

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  4. 15 hours ago, totally thaied up said:

    My wife hates the Government. She hates the fact that I am here on extensions and there is nothing permanent about it. She knows little can be done about it but when it comes to extension time and she gets all the paperwork ready and we pay the agents, she just sighs and shakes her head. She sees the thousands of dollars I burn every year on health insurance when she says there should be something better for us. She tells me there should be an easier path but there is not to PR.


    We are coming to an election where little will change and the likelihood of us husbands ever having a say in anything is zero. We had dinner about a week ago with some friends one night and a few of the guys got drunk. I don't drink and the wives had to come in and stop them from drinking further and when we got home, the wife told me this is the stereotype farang that most Thai girls get told about and that we need to be careful of our actions because other people are watching and that is how a lot of this started. I fear the government sees this stereotyping. With how the Immigration policy has changed lately, nothing is safe and they only want minted people here. My wife is working right now, late Sunday evening so we can earn some extra money for the month. That is just how it is for us.


    At the least, my wife is against the Thai policy and would like to see change.



    Identical with my current situation. My wife cant stand Thailand. Our little family unit is burdened with ridiculous costs to maintain our family unit and she also works to support such. We all wish to leave but the Thais have been bleeding us dry for too long and we cant afford to up and leave yet still we are apparently the lucky ones?

  5. 3 minutes ago, Tradewind777 said:

    The crazy thing is they are doing little to encourage solar PV installations thereby managing middle of day peak demand using renewable energy. It would also go a long way towards assisting to reduce the dreadful smog Bangkok and Chiang Mai have recently experienced.

    Solar requires sun. Pollution doesnt help so much. We run solar water wells and such and there is a significant difference in power supplied on smoggy days. Example todays pm is 144 where i am and Smoggy as hell. Our water pumps right now are running at 1903 rpm which isnt enough to start irrigation but yetserday at the same time 2687 rpm. Not a cloud is in the sky today. Pollutions coming from fires. Best to stop those AND push solar. We are in the process of tryig to find mains power suppliers to run our pumps because of this issue. Weve lost over 1000 banana plants in a month because of the smog directly effecting available sunlight. Its not much but enough to create a headache for us thats for sure.

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  6. Its a new age. Police are going around introducing themselves to tourists with money that may need a way out of stupid made up racist laws that never are enforced on thais so they can make a little $. We have one locally to where i am. The other night someone was at my fence line snooping around. I fired a warning shot before my dogs got out and killed someone. The police officer line messeged my wife and said "Good job" lol. Someone obviously complained about me and nothing was done (again) so he will be getting gifts in the future.

    Tourists should embrace the corruption as weve all had dramas time to exploit it i say. Its called equality. haha.

  7. Its life. people can be and are viscous animals. Get used to it. No one unless mentally insane attacks for no reason. Thats rubbish.

    Im not condoning the behaviour, its in excuseable but alcohol, egos, etc... Its to be expected sooner or later.

    Why not address the story as a Scottish guy? Thats the Thai way. You dont want to confuse thais and have them think this was a true blue fair dinkum aussie behavior


  8. 1 hour ago, mikebell said:

    On every corner vendors are carbonising chicken to add to exhaust smoke.  Surely eating this chicken marinated in carbon monoxide is a health hazard?

    Yep, and they are cooking chicken with charcoal thats been made in a way that makes it even more toxic than is commonly understood it seems. Without the carbon monoxide from the vehicle exhausts its a known carcinogen itself and contains all the wonderful harmful stuff. I live next to people that make the charcoal illegally by choppig trees from the forest and then smouldering it in a pot for 5days. Profit to them average 900b per average size pot but they dont understand how toxic it is. Within 100m the pm2.5 is over 500. We had a record month last year. 3neighbours die from cancer. all neighbours and all making charcoal. More have died since and more to come. My wife had a meeting with the local officials about it all and hit them up with the science but becaus eim a farang they wouldnt listen to her. They have done nothing about stopping it even though permits have been needed to do such and been against the law for the past 27yrs. The country is not serious about pollution just trying to make money from it now that its become a problem.

  9. Im a qualified mechanic and make race parts for cars and bikes. I can tell you first hand it is pointless putting 95 in a flexfuel car or anything with an octance lower rating. We arent talking high performance engines with high compression or big boost setups requiring more octane to stop preigniting pinging that can happen under more extreme pressures and timing.

    You are just burning fuel thats not able to perform as needed therefore its a waste to put 95 in a 91 engine.  

    And thai fuels 95 octane isnt bad. I run it in 98+ applications without additives and it seems fine but without getting technical humidity and temperature are helping with it.

    Almost all fuels will most likely have ethanol in them I'll m sorry to say which deteriates seals, gaskets, valves and such over time but this is also something that would be unlikely to happen anyway.

    That said i use 95 in everything because i buy bulk because i have high performance bikes and cars and add more octane and waste it in the vehicles that dont need it just because its easier but its absolutely pointless for you. Go ethanol and save a bunch. Its that simple.

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  10. Dam it! I didnt want to watch this rubbish but now im goingnto see it advertised on netflix repeatedly tempting me just to take a gander... The way i see it is very different to the rest of the world. Been here too long. Something about a grown up with a bunch of boys in a cave that makes no logical and moral sense. Enough said. I guess i will have to probably watch it though if its on netflix but realllyyy dont wana.

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