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  1. I want a curfew thats implemented and law breakers punished cuz i want a dam good nights sleep. Keep the curfew i say!!


    Its funny i dont really understand the curfew either but i have military aircraft flying over head everyonce and a while now without lights and pretty low coming from myanmar to utapao.. Seems a bit fishy... Dying to know whats going on.. Not much else to be concerned about i guess when your living in isolation with nothing to do...

  2. This is old news but good its getting the attention.

    On another note why are military hercules flying from duwei myanmar (domestic airport) to utapoa airport with no lights leaving duwei at midnight? Saw this last night and no matter how hard i tried to spot the plane i couldnt whilst standing on my roof but it was loud as hell at 23k feet and down to 6000ft over the ocean.. Jumped on the radar app and see thinking nothing would show but it did and it was a military hercules. Love to know what the cargo is or is my conspiracy fueled mind in over drive...??

  3. So Buddhism is a buisness then like i have been saying all along? Guess thats why they are in government also and flying in private jets and such...

    Heres a better idea, sell all the land the temples reside on and make housing for the actual needy instead of the im sorry to say mostly drunk, drug addict lazy know it all know nothing monks..

    I live between 2 temples and one of them is involved in illegal logging, illegal charcoal manufacture, drugs are everywhere and they are all so drunk they poop in the middle of the dam road. They drive past my house in the middle of the night as a sign of intimidation to keep our mouths shut, had death threats, they carry guns and such. Yep, thats buddhism folks! 

    My wifes made complaints but nothings done like its evil to question a monks motives. Very sad....

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  4. It's the neighbours! Just going from personal experience in every place ive lived for the past cohooe decades in 12 different homes and some built with my own hands and the seemingly pointless mention of being friendly with neighbours is exactly what would be said when im finally murdered i reckon. Ive had real death threats and nobody cares but if i do the same thing back the police are here in a heartbeat. Commitees, task forces, etc, are not needed if the police werent so dam lazy, racist and corrupt. Hope this is sorted, person caught and splashed all over the world to see. 

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