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  1. 4 hours ago, tingtongtourist said:

    Theres things you must know NOT to expect from Thai lady.
    if you are ok with these things and the good outweighs the bad then its ok.

    If you cannot accept, then its best to walk cos otherwise you get a world of hurt that leave you broke and alone.

    1. they will never apologise..even when they are clearly wrong and behaving disgracefully (which in their mind actually they are never wrong anyway because its always your fault for making them angry)

    2. you will get no thanks..for money, support or anything given..ever.

    so dont expect it.

    3. know and be prepared to walk away at ANY time..and leaving all the stuff you paid for.
    this could happen anytime, even when things seem good.

    4. It is you who will always have to make the compromise to make it work..they wont..ever!

    True a lot of these things can be said of all females everywhere.

    The violent thing as you know, you will get with Thais, very much more so if its Isaan lady.


    In my age i learned to accept and not be angry, rather feel a bit sorry for them because they are the product of the greedy society they learned from and had to try to survive under. that is really what created the monster.

    Over the years they do get better with age,
    the big trouble with that is once a farang start buying them cars..giving money, helping family...
    how long can you keep that up before you go broke!!??

    Its a shame if 95% of time might be good, but the few crazy days now and again can really weigh you down.


    As for this no contact stuff you talk about..

    give up the thought you can change or discipline or teach them tricks like some poodle. its not gonna happen!

    (depending on age) if she is no good now, theres a good chance she never will be.


    Trying to cut off the money is also a bit silly,

    that will probably only end up in something of your own bodily pieces getting cut off!



    Theres things you must know NOT to expect from Thai lady.

    1. ...

    This is not true. My girlfriend do apologise, even if she don't need to, like in case of a misunderstanding due language issues.


    This is not true. I don't support her or send her money, but do I get a geniuine thank you if I buy her a gift.


    This is not true. She always insists to talk about our issues and always ask me to tell her about my concerns, so we can clear this out.


    And yes, she's a Thai lady too.

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