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  1. " I never knew of anyone being scammed or attacked " ( in Manila in the late 70s and 80s) . NOW YOU DO ........... ME . scammed several times during that period . I also know several more people who were .
  2. Write a letter to the govt or embassey , explaining the situation . I know of a thai lady who had 2 kids with an english husband who died , and got money from the govt after doing so .
  3. I feel sorry for the kids on the back of M/Cs because they have no choice . They just trust Meh and Poh . 'These girls' are constantly riding around on the back and front of M/Cs themselves .
  4. I take a generic brand of Micardis , used to reduce high blood pressure . Right now here in Australia , one month's worth costs $6 . A few years ago the cheapest I could get in BKK was the equivalent of $28 . That comparison is as bad as wine and cheese , both of which I also need .
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