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  1. he is using depuration tanks approved for cleaning scallops and oysters I suspect the people using the backdoor are illegal shellfish harvesting Legitimately gathered shellfish are subject to strict purification treatments to ensure they are fit for human consumption, but fish taken from prohibited or unclassified sources, or sold before being properly treated, put the public at risk of serious illnesses caused by the E.coli, novovirus or salmonella bugs, which can all be found in contaminated molluscs. https://theecologist.org/2012/may/30/revealed-illegal-shellfish-trade-tha
  2. Interesting Comment here Chris Ranger, founding director of Fal Oyster, who has worked alongside Falcatch, placed some of the blame with export concerns on fellow fishermen. He said: “The problem with most fishermen and merchants – they’ve been used to doing so much through the backdoor but they can’t do it through the backdoor anymore and now think they might as well wait for compensation and then give up and blame Brexit. It’s <deleted>. https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/first-oyster-exports-brexit-save-5025070
  3. First oyster exports since Brexit save historic Fal Fishery from doom Mr Duane said Falcatch had to figure its way around export health certificates, catch certificates, getting a UK export agent plus a French import agent, customs rep and fiscal rep. “The biggest issue once we figured our way around all that was that we, like most exporters, didn’t know about and had no government guidance on the need for a French VAT number to trade directly with our French customers which would take six to eight weeks to receive,” he added. https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/firs
  4. Thanks I do know the difference between a regional and national referendum. As I am not a resident in Scotland I am not eligible to take part in any of the Scottish regional referendum. But as a British citizen living in the UK I did take part in the 2016 EU referendum national referendum
  5. Well if we apply your laws of probability to the 2014 Scottish independence referendum when the difference between the yes and no vote was 383, 937 votes You have to ask the question as to why the Scottish Government allowed 1) rest of uk citizens resident in Scotland approx numbers 474,000 laws of probability would suggest they are more than likely to vote against independence 2) EU citizens resident in Scotland numbers in Scotland approx 121,0000 laws of probability would suggest they are more than likely to vote against independence 3) commonwealth citizens resident in
  6. I suspect that every person that voted in the 2016 EU referendum wanted their side to win and the slogan through out the whole of the UK was every vote counts this is a once in a lifetime vote since the last vote was 41 years ago 2,679,513 people in Scotland voted I don't any of them thought it was a forgone conclusion that the UK would leave the EU irrespective of the result Most people I know if they know that a vote has been rigged in favour of an outcome they disagree with , then they don't vote
  7. So are you saying if the total % number of votes in the EU referendum was 52% remain 48% leave the UK would have left the EU because the majority of English votes were for leave
  8. if the 1,018,322 people in Scotland hadn't vote leave and 349,442 people in Northern Ireland hadn't vote leave then the UK would have remained part of the EU even though the majority of people that voted in England voted to Leave
  9. Quite Normal for countries to import from other countries, Germany doesn't have any issues buying gas from Russia via Nord Stream 2 Or is that a policy that Scotland would veto if it joins the EU
  10. As the rest of the UK will get additional electricity from Norway via North Sea Link Scotland's electricity may not be required https://www.nationalgrid.com/our-businesses/national-grid-ventures/interconnectors-connecting-cleaner-future/north-sea-link
  11. Norway puts subsea renewables link to Scotland on hold Oslo government waits for evidence of benefits before approving NorthConnect project backed by Scottish Government But Norway's minister of petroleum and energy Tina Bru has now said her government would wait to find out how similar projects linking to the north-east of England and Germany worked out before giving the Scottish project approval. https://www.insider.co.uk/news/norway-puts-subsea-renewables-link-21779783
  12. LONDON — The European Commission published the full text of the trade agreement in principle between the U.K. and EU on Saturday morning. The U.K. government published the text on its website shortly after. Both the UK and the Commission also published additional texts covering economic, security and nuclear cooperation. One includes joint declarations in areas such as financial services. https://www.politico.eu/article/commission-publishes-full-text-of-uk-eu-brexit-trade-agreement/ So that would have been Saturday 26th December 2020 Its quite normal in major negoti
  13. The date on the document is the date that the agreement was made not the date is was published Boris speech was at 15:30 UK time December 24th so I would hazzard a guess that the trade deal was published 1st working day after the Christmas Break either 28th or 29th December She would have known the UK position on fishing before the negotiations started, unlikely to have known the fishing details during the negotiations as that information was confidential by both sides
  14. Its Simple don't take part in a national vote if your unable to accept that the result / outcome may not go in the direction that you want. All over Europe people take part in . EuroMillions national lottery You win the jackpot yours is the only winning ticket your promised a huge amount of euros by the organizers and then 24 hours before you collect your cheque the organizers contact you and advised you that all the other people taking part have demanded a refund and therefore all they can offer you is your stake money as the jackpot prize fund I suspect you would not be a h
  15. Because they took part in a single national refendum where the total results were 17,410,742 people voted leave and 16,141,241 voted remain 17,410,742 is higher number than 16,141,241 if the 1,018,322 people in Scotland hadn't vote leave and 349,442 people in Northern Ireland hadn't vote leave then the UK would have remained part of the EU even though the majority of people that voted in England voted to Leave
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