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  1. An updated statement from Durham police on their contact with Dominic Cummings’s father: Following significant public interest over the last few days, Durham Constabulary wish to add the following to our statement of Saturday, May 23rd. We can confirm that on April 1, an officer from Durham Constabulary spoke to the father of Dominic Cummings. Mr Cummings confirmed that his son, his son’s wife and child were present at the property. He told the officer that his son and son’s wife were displaying symptoms of coronavirus and were self-isolating in part of the property. We can further confirm that our officer gave no specific advice on coronavirus to any members of the family and that Durham Constabulary deemed that no further action was required in that regard. Our officer did, however, provide the family with advice on security issues.
  2. No and likewise I have no issue if Cummings is subject to a investigation by cabinet secretary, Sir Mark Sedwill but I don't support trial by media
  3. You stated that everyone was aware that there are flights to the UK from Thailand I post an article which showed there are people that were'nt not aware as to your so called "Facts" I have already stated my views on your "facts" and my views haven't changed
  4. Not everyone is aware A Reader Writes... My Struggle to Return to the UK From Thailand My wife and myself have just got back from Thailand. There are many thousands more UK nationals unable to get a flight out of the country, and effectively stranded. https://www.iaindale.com/articles/a-reader-writes-my-struggle-to-return-to-the-uk-from-thailand
  5. Not being pathetic , You posted that you were stuck in Thailand and I offered advice based on your post that if you weren't aware that there are flights back to the UK on a weekly basis
  6. If you not aware by now there are regular flights back to the UK each week
  7. If your sure that your "facts would stand up in a court of law where you have to prove Beyond a reasonable doubt Why don't you contact the GoodLaw Project in the UK if they think that you have a good case they will set-up a crowdfund and take your case further They didn't seem to concerned when Stephen Kinnock and his sister travelled to see their Dad for his 78th birthday
  8. And I disagree wth you and there are a number of other people that disagree with you When people want trial and execution by a media witchhunt there a reason and that reason is the facts wouldn't stand up in a Law Court
  9. And I don't think you facts would stand up in a Court of Law
  10. That's your opinion and thats fine, other people disagree with you and that's fine as well
  11. The reasonable excuses listed in Regulation 6 of the coronavirus Health Protection Regulations for England, as they stood at the time, are inclusive, not exclusive. The sole issue in the case of Mr Cummings is whether what he and his wife did, in the circumstances as they existed when they drove to Co Durham, amounted to “a reasonable excuse”.That is a matter of opinion, not of law. Only a court can determine that: not a QC, nor Alastair Campbell, nor Uncle Tom Cobbleigh https://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/2020/05/24/letters-law-behaviour-dominic-cummings-going-durham/
  12. your welcome to I have no problem maybe you can also trawl through your own posts where you have stated that Cummins is the boss / puppet master and that Boris works for cummings and is the puppet you constantly repeat key words over and over as if your trying to get your message across to the TVF members but for whatever reason they are not listening to you
  13. The article in the Spectator doesn't mention Durham that is the daily mail headline " After a week, we reached peak corona uncertainty. Day six is a turning point, I was told: that's when you either get better or head for ICU. But was Dom fighting off the bug or was he heading for a ventilator? Who knew? I sat on his bed staring at his chest, trying to count his breaths per minute. The little oxygen reader we'd bought on Amazon indicated that he should be in hospital, but his lips weren't blue and he could talk in full sentences, such as: 'Please stop staring at my chest, sweetheart.' When do you go to hospital? Do you really wait until the lips go blue? Cedd, in his doctor's uniform, administered Ribena with the grim insistence of a Broadmoor nurse, and this might be my only really useful advice for other double-Covid parents or single mothers with pre-schoolers: get out the doctor's kit and make it your child's job to take your temperature. Any game that involves lying down is a good game." They went to Durham so the sister could provide assistance for shopping taking care of the their son if they felt they could no longer provide the care themselves
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