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  1. Tony Blair didn't have an issue in 1997 Tony Blair: I steamrollered devolution for Wales but the Yes campaign victory in Wales was much closer - a majority of just under 7,000 (0.6%) of more than a million votes cast. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-41199659
  2. When you were unable to extract yourself from the hole that you dug for your self you turn to play the grammar police card.
  3. Its impossible to find anywhere in my post any sense of satisfaction towards remainers in reference to violence And I see a typical Liberal reply when they have dug themselves into a hole they then play the Tommy Robinson Joker Card to try and dig themselves out
  4. If your going to quote me can you please ensure that don't misquote as clearly no one has threated anyone with Lynching I have noticed a number of your posts have been removed by the Mods i can understand why now
  5. No Chance and have you noticed people vote march never goes outside London are they concerned they would get lynched
  6. Politics column: We may now finally be leaving the EU The talks will continue after October 31 but it won’t be called “an extension”. And with a no deal out of the way the opposition parties will agree to a general election https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/17964418.politics-column-may-now-finally-leaving-eu/
  7. Maybe those businesses would prefer no deal then as the only choices are deal or no deal as remain vs leave was decided in 2016
  8. I went to a number of shops today to get a box of tissues was informed stocks in the entire country sold out due to remainers / remoners crying that there will be no 2nd referendum as a deal is in the offing
  9. Or no more referendum the country has already decided on remain and leave so if there was a new referendum the choices would be deal or no deal
  10. Brexit latest: No extension without new referendum or an election, EU insists 2 days ago an EU offical is quoted as no extension without a new referendum or an election that means one or the other unlikely to be a new referendum unless the ballot paper choices are between deal and no deal
  11. If you want to blame anyone blame the EU if there was no EU-Japan deal then I am sure Nissan would remain in Europe be it the UK or somewhere else in the EU the same applies with Honda they have chosen to move back to Japan. simple business economics which costs more 2 factories , one in the UK/EU and one in Japan or just one in Japan
  12. Regardless of Brexit or no Brexit The majority of Japanese companies will relocated back to Japan within 10 years now there a EU-Japan deal in place no need to have plants or offices in the UK or EU
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