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  1. In the link that your provided it does state "However, the new order now includes a provision expressly banning any people from visiting any other person’s home for the purpose of gathering." To me that would include anyone including family that live in another property from visiting Similar restrictions were in place in England last year Some lockdown measures have been eased in England but restrictions on how many people you can meet remain in place. Two people from different households can meet in outdoor settings, such as parks - as long a
  2. And my statement was correct as per the title of the thread which was Cars and trucks advertised having no green book? I will make it easy for you to understand cars or trucks with no Paperwork is illegal to sell
  3. If you had bothered to read the entire thread you will see that the op was asking about pawn cars on FB and was asking the question why are they so cheap so the thread discussion was on pawn cars without paperwork which the sale of is illegal and you haven't provided any supporting links to state that statement is incorrect and did you check out the title of the thread Cars and trucks advertised having no green book?
  4. No-one has stated that Cars with legal title papers can't be pawned and sold on , its cars that have no paperwork stating that the seller is the legal title owner if sold is illegal Look forward to your provide a link to support your claims PS I would get your computer check out as this forum wouldn't permit any links that contain trojans
  5. From 4am 12 May, direct flights from Turkey to England will be prohibited. Different requirements apply for arrivals into Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/turkey/coronavirus#travel-in-turkey
  6. Typical response from someone that doesn't know what there talking about What have you posted "No clue how the auto trading world works." and "They have never been outside of their comfort zone" and what has to be quote of the decade "Who 'pawns' cars - nobody !" I suggest you ask a Thai do they understand what is means when someone mentions pawned car for sale or a car that is off the pledge for sale
  7. Here are some links that indicated that you are posting rubbish https://www.moneybuffalo.in.th/debt/รถหลุดจำนำ-คืออะไร https://www.ngerntidlor.com/th/article/financial/debt-management/cheap-car-with-dangerous.html Now if you can find a link that support your posts let see them
  8. Suggest you read my post again as clearly you don't understand
  9. Its not always that simple deal with the bank or finance as sometimes the bank or finance has been told that the car has been stolen and if you go to FB marketplace you will see many cars being sold without paperwork Most cars do not increase in value each year and if you have bought a car with a deposit of 5% or with 84 months repayments then that car is always going to be diffcult to sell as it will carry a baggage of 300,000 to 400,000 in finance interest that has to be repaid For the majority of cars in Thailand the issue of selling is simply negative equity, car dealers e
  10. Do you know of any pawn shops that sell their cars with full legal ownership papers at a fraction of their market value i.e selling their cars at the same price of those cars that have no owenship papers
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