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  1. Your plan to go to Andorra now is very good. I would go ahead with the plan to buy some old stone house to renovate, in France or Andorra. I wouldn't worry to much to loose some students from China, at midnight!!! It sounds as if you can find some school to teach "live" in Andorra, and this will enrich your experience. You can always pass your students to me, I will take good care of them! You can still fly to Laos , every year, to spend-lets say- Nov-Feb and perhaps teaching also in Luang Prabam? If you like Laos, why not to acquire some land and build something there, in the future? After all, you can keep one foot in each country , but only after obtained this government health care in Andorra. It sounds lovely, and more than lovely, considering the spiralling of medical costs all over the place....and the state of the NHS...at present. Make full use of your dual EU-UK status and language abilities. 418 Euros a month for healthcare AND pension is not a lot! You can also opt-out anytime! Finally, I can sense you have a sense of enjoyment and lust....(the way you describe your previous life in France, or that period in Laos). Wherever you go, Simon, you will be fine. Because it is Not the Place, it is you who "make the place" suitable and enjoyable.
  2. Medical help available to Europeans, after going down the beaurocracy road.... Universal Accident and Emergency covered, excellent attention in some places. It all depends where it happens.... Recently contacted Istituto dei Tumori, a Milano, enquiring about an Immunoteraphy clinical trial for my sister, who lives abroad. Very positive reply, considering this is a reputable institution and this therapy is Very Expensive.
  3. Thank you, rumak and DaRoadrunner for sharing You are the Judge, it is your decision. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quinolone_antibiotic Now it will also be withdrawn in Europe! https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/news/disabling-potentially-permanent-side-effects-lead-suspension-restrictions-quinolone-fluoroquinolone
  4. Hi Seasia! I wish you a good return to Italy, wherever you are heading in the north. I am also half Italian, from Piemonte, have lived 8 years plus in Rome and own land in Sardegna. Please travel extensively before committing yourself to any region. Italy varies a lot from place to place, in weather, pricing, regulations, etc. As an starting point go to Numbeo and compare cost of living, crime index, quality of air in different cities. After all, you may rent your house and decide to settle somewhere else. First thing to do is to talk to a Commercialista about your tax, in case you want to settle. If you need help with the language/burocracy, just PM me, will try to help you. And good choice to go back to il Bel Paese! Cheers!
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