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  1. This lovely place was rented by the daughter of my friend. It is far from any airport, the closest is Barcelona. Village is called Rebenaq, close to Pau, France. 300 Euros per month plus utilities. They just opened a restaurant nearby, and doing very well, full at lunch and dinner!
  2. Yes, not a good deal anymore. But do not think only in terms of expensive/cheap. When it comes to choose a place to live there are many criteria discussed here. And honestly, how much rice do you eat? How often you need to go shopping for clothes/shoes in Thailand? I also arrived 3 years ago and still haven't got a single occassion to dress up. Is completely different to all other places I have lived before. You know better about daily life in Mexico. I will call a friend in Monterrey in these days to see her views. A few years ago, they couldn't even reach to the airport because criminals were attacking cars on the road. Have to spend a night at the airport hotel, if you want to live. What the video of Lake Chapala/ Ajijic talks about is True. Mexico is gripped in drug-wars, rival cartels killing each other and whoever is walking/driving on their way. So easy to die in a daytime shooting in Monterrey. I don't know now the situation, but it was like this a few years back. We shouldn't underestimate the value of feeling safe in Thailand.
  3. That is a very good deal for you, business class and two stop-overs to visit the family! two one way tickets, isn't it? I wish you a smooth transition to retirement life. Why is it so pricey to fly East, which is the more natural way to fly? And yes, China Southern looks quite attractive....don't know the record.... I don't mind any airline as long as it doesn't fall down. This is the only thing I check before buying a ticket. Accidents. From list of requirements to One- Only requirement!
  4. Checking the East route to Argentina.... Skyscanner allows such a search in Multi-destination setting.... So, I have to split the journey.... Lets'say HKT (Phuket)-SYD (Sydney) SYD-BUE (Buenos Aires) Results in a 30 hour trip for 80,000 Baht, return fare, leaving in Dec coming back in Feb. So-so airlines: Air Asia, Air Asia X and LATAM (??) Same from BKK, but with Qantas: BKK-SYD (13 hs) SYD-BUE(22 hs) 77,000Baht. Perhaps there are better options to fly East, but no aware of. Usually I input SCL, as Chile offers more options than Argentina, and it is a quick jump, anyway.... Hopper is full of searches, from KL, from HK, from HKT, from BKK. Christmas is in the air, and fares are High, whatever direction one may decide to take. Charges for changes are also very high, and with the uncertainty I am facing, I will get a one-way-ticket this time. No cheap.
  5. I would re-frame the question: Inmunoteraphy has been offered by the Italian heath care system for 15 years now. Countless people has been treated, some have been cured. Why this very valid therapy is not offered by the NHS, considering the epidemic dimensions of cancer nowadays? Where the money paid by taxpayers in England ends? ( I have paid 8 years of tax in the UK).
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